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PowerAdSpy Reviews

PowerAdSpy offers incredible features, which makes it a remarkable ad spying tool. It gives you instant insights into your competitions’ behavior, which you can then analyze. PowerAdSpy specializes in one social network that everyone wants to spy on, it is Facebook.

As a result, it is able to provide its users with a marvelous experience in spying activities of your competitors. This is just better than utilizing Facebook’s own ‘Show Ad Library Button‘, which can be hard to find sometimes. PowerAdSpy does everything in one simple dashboard.

Before we start with the review I want to show you that I have an account and that I am not just writing this. I actually use this spy tool to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.


What Is PowerAdspy?

PowerAdspy is the first-ever Adspy software, currently the biggest among its ounterparts, developed from scratch with Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media platforms for marketing in mind. 

It is the largest database of billions of both past and present social media ads and is continuously updated with a minimum of 1000 ads every single day.

This Facebook ad-spying software is available as a PowerAdspy chrome extension for chrome users and as well an app PowerAdspy 

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PowerAdSpy Key Features

PowerAdSpy Advertiser

 To understand the advertising strategy and marketing insights of top companies of the world or in order to understand the advertising of top players in our industry we can learn to filter FaceBook ads by the advertisers using the Poweradspy tool. We have recently shared the pexda review here.

Engagement level with the Ad about shares and likes – The ads that show the maximum level of engagement in terms of things like shares, likes, and comments need to be studied to know what is working in the market and what is not.

Ad Position –  This feature of the Poweradspy tool of filtering ads by their position and knowing their mapping can help us better place our ads concerning our competitors.

Call to Action  – If we want to understand and acknowledge what call to action (or CTA) will work best for your brand this option by the Poweradspy tool can do wonders for us.  The Poweradspy tool will allow you to us to find the best Call To Action for our Ad.

Date – Timing plays an important role depending on any shopping is concerned whether it is online or branded stores. It is obvious that more shopping happens on certain weekends, national holidays and during the festival season.  Make use of these real-time opportunities, and we can take a look at the strategies of the competitors.

Keywords – their keywords drive internet Searches and internet shop items. It would be essential to see the ads displayed when a particular keyword is searched for.  If your competitor is showing a text ad for a specific keyword so we can add image ads instead. If the competitor is putting on an image ad, we can put in fourth video ads and instead since video ads have more engagement than an image ad.

Demographics that are related to Age, Gender, Interests, their income – The Poweradspy tool is the one that allows you to understand whether the competitor’s target audience is male or female, low-income group or high-income group, etc. This will be in turn, allows business owners to understand their niche.

Location for the advertisement– The pattern of communication and the communication channel is individual and depending on the respective country, city and the zone in which the target audience lives. This itself can become our Unique Selling Point (USP).

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PowerAdspy Benefits

With PowerAdspy, you get many benefits for your business including:

•    Ability to search ads based on domain or niche

•    Simple social ad spy & easy filtering of social ads

•    Helps you create and run efficient marketing and advertising strategies

•    You can spy on the competition by tracking their creatives, ad copies, angles, and more

•    Use data scraped directly from ads for your campaign and monetize your business

•    The tool is time-savvy, which means it saves you a lot of time that would otherwise have been wasted in endless research

PowerAdspy is an intelligent tool packed with powerful features that let you find winning ad campaigns from about 6 million ads collected from more than 15 countries.

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PowerAdspy Pros And Cons

So, here’s the walkthrough around the benefits and the downsides to using PowerAdspy.

PowerAdSpy Pros

•    It is a time-savvy software especially for an agency who need to speed up all operation process

•    You are able to seamlessly scrape real-time data from the best-performing ads and use that for your own campaign success

•    Using PowerAdspy is like having your A/B testing done for you (no need to waste money testing multiple versions of the same ad)

•    Accurate tracking of your competitors’ ad copies, creatives, and angles is priceless

•    ou’re able to run efficient advertising and marketing strategies that create effects

•    You can search for ads based on domain, niche, and other factors. The result of this is a narrowed-down campaign blueprint

•    PowerAdspy come in multiple subscription plans, making it flexible and insanely available to everyone

•    PowerAdspy trial, coupons, and codes are PowerAdspy way of giving back generously

•    It is possible to search for a specific type of adverts from videos, images, and writeups

•    You get the chance to make the device search to find out the percentage of viewers of each ad viewing from mobile phones and those viewing from other devices

•    You have access to live ads displays for real-time engagement and position of the result ads from your search

PowerAdSpy Cons

•    The software requires both technical and analytical skills from the user. Yes, PowerAdspy has a learning curve

•    The first three basic plans lack some of the most useful features

poweradspy review

Pricing and Discount code of the PowerAdSpy tool

The Poweradspy tool is available to the marketers in three packages:

PowerAdSpy Basic package

The basic Poweradspy tool package costs $ 49 a month. Only the basic features like keyword search, sorting (by likes, comments, shares, newest, longest running) and Data interval search is included in this package. If you want to upgrade to a higher level of service, it would be a good idea to look at the other two packages (namely the Standard Poweradspy tool package and the Premium Poweradspy tool package), which, cost a bit more but provide value for money.

PowerAdSpy Standard package

The standard Poweradspy tool package costs $ 99 a month. In addition to the basic package, it includes various filters (like the gender filter, the target audience age filter, the ad placement filter, the ad type filter and the country filter) and searches (like the advertiser search and the domain search). The standard package also boasts of the Ad Insight (meaning the complete metrics, analytics, URLs, CTAs etc. of the ad). We can also study the Call to Action with the standard package.

PowerAdSpy Premium package

The premium Poweradspy tool package costs $ 249 a month. It is one level up the standard package and allows us to study the Affiliate network, tracking system, E-commerce platform, funnel and filter by iOS, Android, mobile, and desktop.


PowerAdSpy is the most promising FB Ad-Intelligence Spy Tool that is available out there in the market. Poweradspy will easily Spy on users competition’s best Facebook ad strategies and one can simply use them for their own business. This easy to use fantabulous tool will solve all marketing problems, in ONE GO!!! It provides enough information for one to do PEST (Political, Economic, Social and Technological Analysis) and SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis) analysis for one’s business. It can provide users with information on- who to target, how to target and when to target. All in one-stop-shop for the analytical and heuristic needs as far as marketing is concerned.



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