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Welcome to ToolGroupBuy Affiliate Program. We will tell you how to join our affiliate program with following steps

Please check this video to know how our affiliate works


1. Register an account on our website by visit this link:
- You need to verify your account by click to the link in your email.
- After click link to verify account, you will need to setup password 

2. You will see the Affiliate dashboard look like this image

Look at "Affiliate Center" tab
you will see your affiliate ID look like this link
x is the number of your affiliate ID

3. Choose product which you want to promote
In "Affiliate Center", please choose "Generate links"
We have many products available on our website such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Adplexity... 
You can choose any product which you want to promote (or choose all product) and click "export" button

The affiliate link look like this

in that link, x is your affiliate ID and y is the number of product link. Example affiliate links: ---> so 312 is your affiliate ID, 3 is ahrefs product ---> so 312 is your affiliate ID, 10 is adspy product

4. How to check affiliate earning
You can visit this URL to login your affiliate account
then click "affiliate center" tab, here are menu available:
- Commissions: The income you made within 1 month
- Unique Click Count: Check how how many visitors visited to your affiliate link 
- All orders: Total orders your referrals made
- Downline: Your referrals become affiliate.

5. Frequently Asked Questions
1. What's ToolGroupBuy Affiliate Program?

ToolGroupBuy Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity for users to be rewarded for sharing their ToolGroupBuy affiliate link with their friends and followers.

Every ToolGroupBuy user has an affiliate link that can be found on the affiliate dashboard. When new users sign up using your affiliate link, you earn commissions. The program allows you to earn a 50% commission every time one of your direct affiliates buy our product 

So you can make comission for 1 affiliate level. One direct level from you (level 1 is 50%)

2. How many tiers are in the Affiliate Program?

You are not limited to earning money through your direct affiliates. Instead, there are two tiers in the ToolGroupBuy Affiliate Program -- one direct (Tier1)

Tier 1: Affiliates who sign up directly through your link are considered Tier 1 affiliates.

3. What is the commission structure for each tier of the program?

You earn commissions when buyer buy our product, anytime one of your Tier 1 affiliates successfully completes an order, the commission structure is as follows:

Tier 1: You receive 50% comission when this our product

4. Where do I find my affiliate link?

You can view your earnings on your affiliate dasboard.

5. What content and advertising sources are the best ways to attract traffic to my affiliate link?

We accept all type of content and advertising sources. There are many different sources that can work to your advantage, including your blog, your website, Google Ads, Yandex. Direct, Yahoo/Bing ads, mobile ad networks, YouTube channels, and other major entertainment and financial platforms.

Social media is also a great way to promote your affiliate link. It is a good idea to use track ID’s for all the different promotions you do, so you can observe what works best for you and learn from that.

6. What countries should I target when looking for referrals?

ToolGroupBuy has worldwide benefits and can be used virtually anywhere with internet access, so it is really up to you what markets you want to target - local, regional, national or otherwise! Currently, most of our users are from the U.S., while Africa and Asia are our fastest growing markets.

7. When do I get paid and how do I get paid?

Earnings typically get credited to your affiliate wallet instantly after your affiliate's buy product. There is no minimum payment requirement. you can request payment via paypal anytime if you have commission in balance.


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