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What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is an FBA suite that is meant to help businesses accurately improve their business in online marketplaces. The service does this by providing users with tools to analyze their competition and see how certain aspects of product listings are working in their desired market. Viral Launch has a variety of features that allow consumers to use the acquired statistics to improve their own business, giving suggestions on keywords and descriptions for item pages.

Viral Launch also provides users with tools to analyze their own business plans, giving them suggestions on how they can tailor their online stores to not only reach their target audience but also keep their dedicated fan base happy.

One of the important things to understand about Viral Launch and FBA suites, in general, is that they are meant to provide consumers with calculations that are truly accurate. By having sophisticated algorithms and computer-based reasoning, Viral Launch can help business owners not worry about missed variables and not thorough calculations.

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How Viral Launch Work?

What do you understand by a launch in the world of Amazon listings?

A launch is a strategy that successfully pushes your products to the first page via promotional giveaways. There are various ways of doing this but one method that many established Amazon sellers swear by is product research and strategic use of targeted keywords.

There are over 12 million products on Amazon and if you combine this with third-party products we’ll be talking of 300 million plus being sold on this e-commerce platform. All those knowing how to create a seller central account on Amazon can sell products through the platform.

However, there are two biggest challenges:

  • What is the guarantee that the products you will be selling on Amazon are in demand?
  • How to identify the products that will be efficiently sold on Amazon?

Again, don’t worry. I have definite answers to your concerns.

The Viral Launch has multiple tools that can help you source, launch and make sales on Amazon.

For example, it has a product discovery tool that helps in finding real products that sell on Amazon. This is possible because it provides you with Amazon data which can be used to make comparisons. With the help of this tool, you can search the products by their name, brand, category or keyword.

There is one other method Viral Launch uses to help you find a perfect product and that is through its Market Intelligence tool. Instead of doing intensive research for hours about potential products, this Viral launch tool will bring everything on your screen.

You can use the Viral Launch Chrome extension or search the market intelligence platform directly for data on the top-selling products in your niche. After analyzing the data presented and deciding on which product(s) to roll out, you will require tips on where to source for the product and how to get it to the warehouse. Viral Launch got your back through it all. 

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Viral Launch Main Features Reviews

Viral Launch of course deals more than just market intelligence per se. It is a complete analytics tool to be exact. Here are its features:

Viral Launch Products Launches

Viral Launch allows seller to launch their products into a private marketplace of Amazon customers. If you use the tool you will get:

  • Brand exposure: your product will be shown to thousands of potential customers on USA, UK, FR, DE, IT and ES (some of this markets are not included in Jungle Scout’s launch tool)
  • Pay per value: you only pay for promotional sales delivered to your product
  • Amazon expert launch coaching: the experts at Viral Launch will help you define the best strategy for your product launch
  • Weekly reporting
  • Multi channel traffic: your traffic will come from different sources like email, Pinterest or Twitter, amongst others
  • Granular scheduling: no need to set up a concrete day for your launch, as you can schedule daily launches
  • Daily goals: establish daily objectives for your launch. Viral Launch will help you get those goals

Viral Launch Product Discovery

Time is not a luxury for most of us and that’s why Viral Launch product discovery feature is to die for. It allows you to search for products using a variety of metrics such as the cost of initial investment, shipping tier size, sales patterns, review count, and monthly sales among others.

This platform will update the on-demand products that are not overcrowded using the criteria you provided. If a product you were searching for appears to be too popular, Viral Launch will warn you.

This feature may sometimes show erroneous data as profit, profit margin or tier size. It’s important that you double check this information just to be on the safe side.

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Viral Launch Market Intelligence

While the rest of the tools provide solid insights into various market factors, the market intelligence tool is the ultimate resource for market information.

Now, remember the billions of Amazon data points we’ve mentioned? They happen to also feed Viral Launch’s market intelligence tool with figures in real-time. And as a result, it maintains a consistent flow of insights into market trends across the entire Amazon platform.

I’m talking about analytics on estimated product profits, the required upfront investment amounts predicted product sales, etc. This information covers historical trends, current proceedings, as well as future predictions based on complex prediction algorithms.

Viral Launch Keyword Research

Keyword Research is not only a tool to find the most relevant keywords for your products out there, but it is also a manager to help understand the analytics behind those words and to track the data.

The keyword manager allows you to dig deeper than the surface to find out why certain keywords are trending.

Keyword search also helps to find out the different zeitgeists of the age you’re living in.

Data always points to shifting trends and deepening interests in technologies and topics. You can use these to your advantage to even design products that will be popular in the future.

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Viral Launch Keyword Manager

Keyword Manager in Viral Launch comprises of extensive keyword data of your product. No other tool all over the world produces so much information. You will be amazed to know that it can track up to 2,000 keywords.

You can also create your own keyword bank in your desired way. Above all, you can add, edit, remove and track numerous keywords to make sure that no customer search misses.

Viral Launch Listing Analyzer

With Listing Manager in Viral Launch, you will get a completely automated SWOT analysis of your products. You will learn about the performance of your products in comparison to the topmost competitors available in the market. It also reveals the actionable steps an Amazon seller can take to improvise its sales.

The parameters such as revenue, price, reviews, and sales become the basis when you compare your products with the topmost competitors. This gives you a clear understanding of where your product stands in the market.

Viral Launch Listing Builder

The Listing Builder is very helpful for all the sellers looking to place their products higher in the search list on Amazon. It streamlines the whole process of listing creation and gives the sellers the power to build an SEO boosted listing which increases the ranking of keywords in the search results of Amazon.

The biggest benefit of this listing builder is that listing creation is quite effortless. Moreover, its ability to track unused and used words as well as inbuilt scoring are the big boosters.

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Pros of Viral Launch

  • The Keyword research tool provides comprehensive keyword insights.
  • Viral Launch is a full-stack system that combines multiple helpful tools in one platform.
  • Viral Launch offers a light, easy-to-use chrome extension for product research.
  • There are several supplementary services you could purchase from Viral Launch to have your campaigns managed by real professionals.
  • The overall Viral Launch system is well-designed and intuitive.
  • Viral Launch offers a robust set of tools for a product launch. You can capitalize on them to identify promising opportunities, and then hit the ground running.
  • The customer support team at Viral Launch is very responsive and accessible. You can contact them at any time of the day or night.
  • Viral Launch has a pretty solid AI system that collects and analyzes data for you.

Cons of Viral Launch

  • The learning curve can be steep for beginners.
  • While Viral Launch has a host of tools to help you with product discovery and launching, it lacks enough tools to support the subsequent selling process.
  • The amount of information generated by Viral launch can be overwhelming to beginners.

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Viral Launch Pricing: How Much Does It Cost? Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Viral Launch offers a number of different products and services.

Today we have focused on their software so we will look at that pricing first.

The prices above are based on the monthly deal. If you sign up for the year, you can get two months free!

Anyway, with the monthly subscription service, they offer four different plans.

These plans were developed to suit both your budget and your needs.

Here is a bit more detail on each of the plans…

  • Beginner Plan – This plan is perfect if you are only starting out and want to get your very first product up on the Amazon platform. You will pay a monthly subscription fee of $42. The plan gives you access to the platform’s Product Finder, as well as a Reverse ASIN Tool, the Viral Launch Chrome Extension, and a Product Research system.
  • Pro Plan – If you already have an existing product on Amazon and would like to scale your business, then the Pro plan could be ideal. The monthly subscription fee is $71. You get access to the tools included with the Beginner Plan, as well as the Amazon Keyword Research Tool, Listing Creation Tool, and a Listing Evaluation Tool. This keyword also allows you to track up to 2000 keywords at a time.
  • Brand Builder – This is similar to the Pro plan in terms of features but with the “Listing Analyzer” your product count is increased from 50 to 100. With the keyword tracker, you can track 5000 Keywords, that’s more than double what you can with the Pro plan – The cost is $106 per month.
  • Kinetic – The clue here is in the name. With this plan, you are given access to the Kinetic sponsored ad management tool. Your allowance with the “Competitor intelligence” tool is also increased to 250 products – If you are considering this plan, think about going for the annual plan, you’ll save a fair bit doing this. Monthly cost – $166 per month.

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Out of all of the questions, you should be asking when figuring out your FBA strategy, the most important factor you need to consider is a comfort. Even if you have the most efficient service out there at your fingertips, feeling uncomfortable can make the entire experience of owning an online business feel unproductive. This is why it’s important to not only use tools that work but also cater to your preferred user experience.

That being said, Viral Launch is a pretty efficient FBA suite for anyone trying to improve their online business. Not only does it have a variety of different tools you can use to analyze your competition, but it also has an interface that requires almost no learning curve. Sure, the price might be a bit expensive when compared to other products on the market, but Viral Launch is worth it for the sheer variety. The resources and how-to guides included also give you some great ideas on how to try new things with the suite’s tools, allowing you to consistently challenge yourself to do better. There are also a handful of features that are also unique to Viral Launch, such as the PPC results tracking feature and the included e-books.

If you are a business that wants to take your FBA skills to the next level, you should seriously consider buying this product. In the event that you have any concerns about the service, you can always contact customer support for the answers you need!


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