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Shopmaster Review

In a nutshell, it is a dropshipping app that will allow you to automate a lot of the tasks involved in the day to day running of a dropshipping business.

With Shopmaster you can easily import products into your store from 30 online stores including AliExpress, Banggood, Chinabrands, CJ Dropshipping and Gogomail. You can also import from places like Amazon, eBay, DHagate, Walmart, GearBest and a host of others, however, the Shopmaster automation features are only applicable to the first 5 stores I mentioned.

So, one of the advantages of Shopmaster over some of the other dropshipping automation tools I mentioned near the beginning of this article is that there is a free version of the software that you will always have access to when you become a member.

I signed up for the free version of this software and that is what I am basing my review on. The good thing is you get access to all of the features even in the free version, so you can test it out fully before investing in one the monthly paid plans.


•    Shopify

•    WooCommerce

•    eBay

•    Wish

•    3DCart


ShopMaster Features Overviews

•    Import products from +20 suppliers.

•    Automatic order fulfillment.

•    Unlimited orders

•    Daily price monitor

•    Daily inventory monitor

•    Automatic tracking number update

•    Sales reports

•    Custom pricing rules

One-click import

ShopMaster allows you to import products from more than 30 popular dropshipping suppliers in one-click.

Product customization

You can customize the description, pictures, titles, variants, and other aspects of the products on your store easily with ShopMaster.

Pricing Rules

Pricing rules allow you to add a margin automatically to your prices, and set competitive prices for products either in bulk or individually.

Product monitor

With ShopMaster, you can monitor inventory and price, and scan and update any changes made by the supplier to your own store.

Auto-purchase Order

You can place orders and fill out the addresses of your customers with a few clicks on an unlimited number of orders monthly.

Automatic Fulfillment

ShopMaster allows you to auto-sync tracking numbers and marks them automatically as shipped.

It integrates with your supplier’s dropshipping API in order to automatically place and fulfill orders. The API allows you to connect to the suppliers to enable even more features. 

Detailed Account Active Logs

This feature allows you to check each and every detail of your ShopMaster account, and the accounts of your staff members.

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delta shopmaster

Affiliate Program

ShopMaster’s affiliate program offers you cash back when buying orders from suppliers using the Chrome extension or API for single or bulk orders.

Hot Selling Products Database

Dropshippers are always in search of winning products for their businesses, but finding the actual ones that will fit the tastes of their consumers isn’t easy.

If you want the best and hottest selling items that will open the door to making money for your dropshipping business, ShopMaster provides this convenience through its Hot Selling products database.

They do this through the section of recommending the hot selling dropshipping products to you.

This is a feature in ShopMaster that allows you to find and import hot selling products from Banggood, AliExpress, and CJDropshipping platforms.

Bulk and Advanced Import

With ShopMaster, you can use a single click and import more than 100 products to your store by copying product IDs, links, and category links.

Similarly, you can use advanced importing features such as the multiple languages import, local warehouse import, out-of-stock, and restocking import, as well as Amazon Prime or Gift import.

Bulk and Advanced Edit

ShopMaster’s editing features allow you to edit products’ variants, titles, price, descriptions, and inventory among other aspects in bulk, or use a one-click translation, reorder, and/or split variation from its advanced editing tools.

Splitting products by variation options allows you to split the items into the same number of products as the options you have available. You can also split the specific variations into two products. 

Bulk Publish

After importing your products from other sites like AliExpress, you’re now ready to create listings to your online stores if you intend to sell them.

ShopMaster has a Bulk Publish feature that allows you to publish more than 300 product listings to your online store in one-click.

shopmaster review

Import Tracking Numbers

ShopMaster lets you upload tracking numbers via Excel spreadsheet.

Auto-correct Shipping Address

As mentioned earlier, you can auto-correct up to 90 percent of the wrong shipping addresses when buying AliExpress orders.

Auto Leave Purchase Note

ShopMaster provides custom purchase notes by editing your content or adding a customer note and sending it automatically to suppliers when purchasing orders.

Auto default shipping

You can set the default shipping method for many suppliers, and even select it automatically when buying orders.

Auto Assign Collections

With this feature, you can automatically assign products to Shopify collections by importing supplier category ID automatically as product type.

Auto Generate Vendor & Tag

This feature allows you to generate vendor information automatically and tag them based on supplier information.

shopmaster chrome extension

Auto VeRO check

Check VeRO words automatically, in bulk or individually, and in one click remove them altogether.

eBay Auto Restock

Restock your product inventory automatically whenever a new order is created. You can also set automatic restock tasks and track details of restocks on eBay’s restock logs.

eBay Auto Message

With this ShopMaster feature, you can set automatic restock tasks and track details of restocks from eBay’s restock logs.

shopmaster dropshipping

ShopMaster Pros & Cons

ShopMaster Pros

•    Easy import of products and order fulfillment

•    Integrates with multiple platforms

•    Multiple suppliers globally who you can process orders with based on product availability and preferences

ShopMaster Cons

•    Monthly recurring fee can be expensive over time

•    Dropshipping Amazon products carries its brands on the package instead of your own

•    Extra fees for registration with suppliers

•    Easily exposes you to dropshipping inferior products

•    Doesn’t give you full control of your business

•    Varying profit margins based on suppliers you use and product limitations

shopmaster pricing

Final Thoughts

I will be honest with you, when I first heard about this software I wasn’t expecting much, its not as well-known as some of the other dropshipping apps and my initial thought was that it was going to be a simple dropshipping app with limited features. I was very wrong, it is one of the best dropshipping apps I have reviewed and is the most feature-rich. Some of the advantages it has over the other apps like Oberlo, Spocket and Dropified is the number of suppliers you can use to import products from and the eCommerce platforms you can sync with Shopmaster. It has fantastic support, great tutorial and free to use. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to dropship using suppliers from China.



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