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What is Salehoo?

Salehoo is one of the biggest online directories targeted towards wholesalers and dropshippers. One of their co-founders -a Simon Slade- started Salehoo after not being able to find trusted, suitable wholesalers for his online business.

Since then, Salehoo has grown to become home for over 8,000+ suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers as well as dropshippers -all to help you connect you to the best products for reselling!

Salehoo was founded all the way back in 2005, with its headquarters located in New Zealand. Their suppliers, however, come largely from places like China, United Kingdom, the United States, and plenty more.

According to their website in 2019, Salehoo has been the guiding hand for more than 137,000 individuals to kick off their online business.


How Does SaleHoo Work?

After you sign up and set up your account, you can immediately begin searching for products that you are interested in selling. When you find a product that you want to sell or a supplier that you are willing to work with, contact the supplier directly to place an order. Every supplier page includes vital information such as estimated shipping time-frames, minimum order amounts, etc.

It is extremely important to decide whether you want to drop ship products directly to your customer or purchase the products in bulk or wholesale and ship them yourself.

Here are how the two methods work:

SaleHoo Drop Shipping

You sell the item first and then place the order with whatever supplier you are working with. The supplier ships the item directly to your customer. You do not see or handle the product with this method.

SaleHoo Bulk/Wholesale

You purchase the products upfront from a supplier. The supplier then ships the item to your home or warehouse. You sell the item online and ship the item directly to your customer. This method is more complex but tends to yields much higher profit margins.
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SaleHoo Features

Dropshipping suppliers

SaleHoo has thousands of dropshipping suppliers in its directory.  What makes this group trustworthy is the vetting process on the platform. SaleHoo vets its dropshippers to ensure legitimacy before listing them on the site. This doesn’t mean you should ignore the reviews on the platform either. But, it does give you a certain peace knowing you’re dealing with legitimate businesses.

However, it’s also worth noting that your niche might determine the supplier count on the platform. You can easily find suppliers for broad niches like gadgets, jewelry, and training gear. However, niche products like electronic cigarettes or a specific brand of beauty products might only get you a few suppliers, if any.

When you click on a supplier, SaleHoo provides the following information:

•    Product range

•    Company details

•    Their shipping method

•    Locations they ship to

•    Customer reviews

Various wholesalers

Wholesalers are also in no short supply on SaleHoo. On this platform, you can find a selection of over 8,000 suppliers. Since these suppliers mostly buy from big-time manufacturers, you can expect factory prices for their products. You can also compare suppliers selling the same product to identify the seller that would help you earn more. Buying goods from wholesalers is

Sourcing products from wholesalers is not for everyone. It’s suited for those who have confidence in their products and experience in their niche. Besides forking out the money upfront to buy the goods, you also need to budget for a place to store the goods once you receive them.

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Market Research Labs

SaleHoo’s Market Research tool is one of the platform’s best features. The product essentially gives you insights into some of the best-selling products on the market, so you don’t get stuck trying to sell something that isn’t driving demand.

Like every other e-commerce sourcing platform, SaleHoo provides research and tracking data on all its products. However, unlike the research tools that you get from other platforms, SaleHoo makes things easier. The service uses metrics such as competition data, profitability rates, successful sales, etc. to connect you with the tools that sell. For members, this data is readily available, helping you make the right decisions concerning what to sell.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t decide to sell what you want to. If you have demand for a product already and you’re looking for a company that can deliver you, all you have to do is go on SaleHoo and do your search – even if it isn’t a top-mover on its platform.

However, newbie wholesalers and dropshippers who just want to sell stuff can connect with the research labs to make sales.

Getting a trending product and finding out that you’re late to the party can be frustrating. This is why SaleHoo considers competition data and sell rate in its analysis. With these tools, you can find products that have low competition and pick them. Thus, you get a unique position in the market and improve your chances of making a sale.

The platform also provides monthly sales reports for you to catch products that trend based on seasons before your competitors. Christmas lights will sell quite fast towards the end of the year – we know that. With the monthly sales reports, you can plan and ensure that you don’t end up splurging on inventory for nothing.

salehoo dropshipping

SaleHoo Suppliers

SaleHoo suppliers are genuine wholesale suppliers and manufacturers authorized to sell some of the most popular brands in the world.

When you sell products as a retailer or a dropshipper, the last thing you want to do is market something original and sell a fake. You could open yourself to terrible reviews from your buyers, as well as a possible lawsuit if your impersonating brand gets a hold of you.

Every seller requires the peace of mind that comes from knowing their product is what they claim it to be. And what better way to do this than to get the product straight from the manufacturer?

Thankfully, SaleHoo provides sellers and dropshippers with access to a wide array of international brands.

Disney, Adidas, Sony, LEGO, 3M, and Oakley are just some of the top brands that supply products on SaleHoo.

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Amazing Benefits of SaleHoo

In accordance with our own SaleHoo review there are seven unique benefits that the platform offers:

Comprehensive & Verified Supplier Directory

An invaluable directory of over 1000 dropshipping and 7000+ wholesale suppliers powers SaleHoo’s service. You can search for suppliers from around the world and compare suppliers by different metrics. What’s more interesting is that you can

•    browse through product ranges,

•    evaluate shipping,

•    review customer service, and

•    compare margins for every supplier.

Up-to-date market research

The up to date market analytics from SaleHoo are a massive benefit to any e-store owner looking. The superb tool provides market intelligence for the latest best sellers across several niches ranked by profitability, affordability, trends, and competition. The market research tools also offer insights to capture trends early and choose products that you can afford. The single-click search and comparison tool allow comparing products across several niches to decide best sellers.

salehoo drop shipping

Freedom to operate as a store owner and affiliate

You can source products as a supplier or participate in negotiable affiliate programs from suppliers all over the world. Sell to your own niche and sell your affiliate products to earn more as you sell.

An improved eCommerce interface

SaleHoo allows you to stay ahead of the competition with its leading edge mix of tools. Get to the best suppliers first, find out about new trending products, get latest market intelligence, and educational materials all from SaleHoo’s enhanced eCommerce interface.

Dedicated customer support

Get in contact with the SaleHoo team over email, live chat and over the phone instantly. Get to know the product, learn more about eCommerce and get your issues resolved while your e-store outperforms the competition.

Latest educational resources

Get latest training, guides, tutorials and education materials from within SaleHoo’s cutting edge dashboard. Learn while building up your e-store for success, study different marketing techniques and financial planning techniques. In addition, learn to manage your e-store better for special events and occasions to earn more during the holidays. Get a complete crash course on eCommerce straight to your dashboard.

Time savings   

Save hours of time through a dedicated supplier directory, a brilliant SaleHoo dashboard, researched metrics, market intelligence, product analysis and latest trends already done for you. Power your e-store with the latest information while SaleHoo takes care of the rest.

salehoo dropship

The Good (Salehoo Pros)

•    A nicely laid out and easy to read directory with an ever growing list of products, currently topping out at over 1.6million.

•    Products have also been verified to ensure they are not fake, or of a low quality!

•    8000+ suppliers, that's a lot of suppliers and they are not all put into one little box or area of interest

•    Each of these suppliers have been vetted and had verification checks

•    The Salehoo Research Lab is great and is getting better and better as time goes on

•    Salehoo have started to really increase their number of resources and guides to better support their customers

•    Active and helpful community and forum & a helpful and friendly support team

•    One of the cheaper on the market for this type of service

•    You can find suppliers in your own back yard!

The Bad (Salehoo Cons)

•    They only use eBay data to show trending or hot products, with a limited set of data coming from Amazon, it would be good to have Facebook data or Instagram information

•    You can find products cheaper elsewhere, especially if you find Europe or US specific suppliers

•    You could spend the time finding these suppliers via Google, or even searching on Tabo, AliExpress, Alibaba or a few other sites

•    You still run the risk of being scammed or getting lower quality products - This t is reduced

Pricing Plan from Salehoo with Coupon code

For suppliers to access over 1.6 million products available on Salehoo, they need to pay $67 annually. SaleHoo does not have a free trial period.

If you would like an online store builder, you will have to incur the following costs:

    • $27 per month for the Basic plan.

    • $47 per month for their Standard plan.

    • $97 per month for their Premium plan. 

Salehoo Summary

We give SaleHoo a score of 4 out of 5. If they have a slightly larger directory, so you’d have more choice as your e-commerce store developed, then we’d give them the full 5 stars.

This New Zealand based team take all the stress and concern out of the drop shipping process. They’ve done all the hard work for you by validating the suppliers and their products. You know you’re selling genuine branded goods. That’s always the main concern when dealing with Asian suppliers because the fakes are just so good and you don’t want your customers to be duped.

The other thing they do is over deliver in terms of customer service and free training. They want to help you get your drop shipping business up and running and it really shows because they actually put in the effort.

Overall, they are the perfect startup directory. They have 2.5 million products, 8000 suppliers and a platform that’s really user-friendly. They give you a ‘safe space’ to find decent and respectable suppliers. There are larger directories but none that give the same level of service and support as Salehoo.


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