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What is RepricerExpress?

RepricerExpress is a robust online software solution that helps Amazon sellers sell more products by keeping track of pricing data and automatically updating listings. Now Amazon sellers can use an automated system, which can be highly configured, to compete for the Buy Box 24/7/365.

I’m confident that RepricerExpress will increase your sales starting on day one. The more time you have the Buy Box, the more units you will sell. In short, this software is a full suit of tools that has been created so that you can beat your Amazon competitors daily.


How Does RepricerExpress Work?

The product connects to your Amazon MWS API to pull your product information and also to update the pricing information for each listing. It also appears to crawl the front end of Amazon to get your competitor pricing and other information.

You are able to set specific repricing strategies and logic-based rules that your account will use to change your pricing on the platform. For example, some of the rules you can use to beat all your competitors by a certain amount, beat products that are fulfilled by FBA, ignore products that are sold by Amazon, or even create a sleep mode to prevent price updates. This is just a small sample of the rules available, but you really have a lot of flexibility to get the results that you are looking for.

After the rules are set, your product will continue to reprice itself going forward until you either change the rules, stop the pricing updates, or beat the competition into submission.

RepricerExpress Features

The RepricerExpress website boasts a lot of features; however, they fall into a few specific categories. We’re going to break them down by category and go into more detail on exactly what the features do.

RepricerExpress Reporting

RepricerExpress provides a variety of different views on your pricing analytics. It allows you to view quickly how many of your products are within the Buy Box or in the top 20 of listings, at the minimum or maximum prices set, or at the lowest price among others.

It also provides you information on how many price changes have occurred over the past 24 hours for 7 days, and the price changes and status of your pricing and marketplace.

RepricerExpress Drill-down Views

While their reporting provides a high-level view of how the product is working, it also allows you to get granular information on specific listings. The tool allows you to filter to specific listings and make edits in bulk if needed. 

It also allows you to view your product price across different marketplaces on Amazon, benchmarking against other sellers on your listings, and view the product pricing change history overtime.

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RepricerExpress Customized Repricing Rules

The most powerful features that RepricerExpress has are the fully customizable repricing rules that are available. You have the option of using their standard templates, but you can also create your own to achieve exactly what your repricing goals are for Amazon.  

You can set your own minimum and maximum prices, choose to reprice your product against other competitors on the listing, or only against the Buy Box winner.  

RepricerExpress also allows you to:

•    Separate pricing rules for fulfillment types, meaning different rules for Amazon FBA and FBM’s competitors on a listing

•    Set rules for who should actually be considered a competitor when calculating repricing changes or to stop repricing during lower traffic hours to lock in a price when customers are less likely to buy

•    Use a variety of different filters such as item condition, seller rating, seller feedback, where it ships from and how long it takes to get there. (These can be powerful to help you set up rules for who the customer could be most likely to purchase from and only reprice against them.)

Finally, the last group of pricing rules can help you make more money on Amazon. They have a custom rule to help you increase your product price if you’re winning the Buy Box, allowing you to slowly make more profit from each sale when your competition is out of inventory or priced higher. 

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RepricerExpress Benefits

Using Amazon repricing systems is now an imperative for Amazon sellers, and RepricerExpress is one of the best platforms on the market today.

RepricerExpress provides you with a repricing tool that makes repricing a breeze, ensuring that you remain a step ahead of the competition, keep your products highly visible in listings and searches, and your items automatically repriced competitively so that selling opportunities are fully maximized and don’t fall through the cracks, even when you are not online.

With RepricerExpress, you get a complete look at all your product’s prices and the prevailing prices across all your listings and marketplaces. The software lets you see Buy Box winners as well as sellers in the Top 20. Need to know how many times prices for a particular item have changed in the past hour, week, a month? RepricerExpress hands you that information and more.

The tool accelerates the way you find and use data with its filtering capability. Set the criteria for the data you need and RepriceExpress gives the information you see, including clickable results, on a silver platter.

You can also do the same with your products. RepricerExpress lets you find your products in a flash through powerful filtering, edit pricing and other product information individually or by bulk, set currency configurations, and perform bulk imports and exports via CSV to name a few.

Staying competitive means knowing your competitors. RepricerExpress has all the features and tools you need to help you identify who you need to deal with based on similar products, higher seller ratings, location, seller feedback, dispatch time, and item condition among others.

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RepricerExpress Pricing Plans and Discount with Coupons Code

RepricerExpress Free Trial

2,500 SKUs - £39/month

5,000 SKUs - £49/month

10,000 SKUs - £69/month

25,000 SKUs - £99/month

50,000 SKUs - £169/month

50,000+ SKUs - Contact vendor

RepricerExpress offers the following SMB and enterprise pricing packages for users to choose from.  Give the details a look, and select the best plan for your business.

•    2,500 SKUs – £39/month

•    5,000 SKUs – £49/month

•    10,000 SKUs – £69/month

•    25,000 SKUs – £99/month

•    50,000 SKUs – £169/month

•    50,000+ SKUs – Custom Enterprise Pricing

All Packages come with the following features:

•    Continuous Repricing

•    Multiple Marketplaces

•    Email/Live Chat Support

•    Phone Support (50,000 SKUs)

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Summing Up

An еxсеllеnt uѕеr friendly product, which is rare to find in Amazon repricers. Most of them have соmрlеx rulеѕ and are not so easy to use. RерrісеrExрrеѕѕ is еxасtlу what you’d bееn lооkіng for to rеmоvе the hаѕѕlе of repricing listings. It is rеlіаblе and with tор-nоtсh ѕuрроrt. Staying competitive means knowing your competitors. RepricerExpress has all the features and tools you need to help you identify who you need to deal with based on similar products, higher seller ratings, location, seller feedback, dispatch time, and item condition among others.


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