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What is

At our core is the dedication to empower our customers to promote anything with videos. We believe that businesses of all sizes should be able to promote their vision without limits. That's why we work hard to provide all of the creative assets and tools needed to promote effectively. 

Promo enables you to definitely effortlessly develop video clips for Advertisements or perhaps organic and natural posts on any social networking channel. You merely select from in excess of twelve million quality movie clips and incorporate top quality songs from hundreds of pre-licensed tracks, then personalize with textual content and symbol all within a make a difference of minutes. Promo Video clips are optimized for the two cellular and desktop video clip advertising and marketing on social networking. Ideal plan at any time!

Key features of

  • Advertising management
  • Automated publishing
  • Content management
  • Content repository
  • Customizable branding
  • Customizable templates
  • Image editing
  • Multi-channel marketing
  • Posts scheduling
  • Promotions management
  • Secure data storage
  • Social media integration
  • Social network marketing
  • Text editing
  • Video editing
  • Video management
  • Video support

any Benefits

- Benefit from Promo’s catalog of over 15 million professionally curated video clips designed for every purpose including reducing cost-per-click, increasing traffic, raising brand awareness, maximizing engagement, promoting a product, and more.

-’s simple web editor makes video creation fast and easy. No previous experience needed.

- Gain a lifetime license for sharing Promo-created videos anywhere on the web including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, business websites, blogs, and more.

- Add the right music to each video by choosing from Promo’s pre-edited and licensed music library of thousands of songs, especially curated for marketing videos.

- Once customized, download all video creations and, once downloaded, all videos can be saved and used forever. Videos are mobile and desktop optimized with wide, square and vertical aspect ratios.

- Add custom text and brand logos to videos to customize them and ensure they are in-keeping with company branding. Videos created on Promo are not watermarked and do not contain Promo branding. reviews

With Promo we are able to make original content to keep our social media sites fresh with new videos. Promo also allows us to easily create individualized content for our agents to use on their own social media pages that brands them as their own business with their own contact information rather than the corporate information.

There is no doubt that video is the way forward. The interaction and level of engagement with our more personal posts as a business, especially those using video, is clear. We have had a slightly halting start, due to the unavailability of key staff to work with the software having taken out a subscription, so several account pauses were required. These were handled efficiently, with understanding and accommodated our small business issues which prevented us using the service for a period of time. Customer support is some of the best we have ever come across, almost instant response, no need to explain previous interactions as they seem always to be on top of things. Really grateful they make it so easy.


I had quite a few video credits (when I cancelled I still had 6) but this whole idea of making you pay a monthly fee just to keep your credit is very shady and disappointing for a company I have supported for many years. I know most companies chase the mighty dollar I just wish some kept the same honest attitude they had when they started.

I am using this tool for a long time and I really enjoy working with This is an amazing resource that allows you to create wonderful videos even if you have a small budget. They have a lot of the latest features and functions which is totally helpful to be creative with your editing. has a massive collection of video clips that are really wonderful. I would say is a great tool and with it you can smoothly customize your content, logo, post, greetings wish, social media ads, and more. I like to use huge collections of templates.

The customer support has been unmatched, they have helped us even when it was our own mistake in reading information when we signed up and discounted our service. Also having that instant support with the chat and being able to fix small platform errors in only a few minutes could not be better. We got promo thinking we would make a few videos and cancel but since then it has helped get more people to our social pages and has let us show our services in a different way to our website visitors. pricing

Although we are a video company, we are not all geniuses creating videos. That's why this tool worked very well for our sales and marketing team, since it allowed any employee to create interesting pieces and engaging, without needing to have editing notions (it only takes a little creativity!) They have an impressive and very large library of music and video clips that you can use in your videos. The editor is very simple and easy to use. If you need it, they have enough support material for you to learn how to use the tool. In general, they have many interesting things that will make creating videos for networks much more effective and eye-catching.

We are using the software for our inbound marketing initiatives to achieve lead gen and drive traffic to our website. We will also use videos in drip campaigns and our sales guys will use them in demo situations. In my first 24 hours of use, I had two questions which were expertly handled by the 24/7 chat reps. I could not have been more pleased. A really pleasant surprise.


Promo Pros

•    "Promo makes creating videos so easy and also allows for great editing to take the video to the next level. There are tons of great features to further improve the video and engage the audience."

•    "Also very pleased with the incredible variety of quality, ready-to-customize videos on their site. Very good selection of background music to use as well."

•    "The ease of using this product tops my pros list. The videos are numerous and wonderful quality."

•    "It's changed up our social media across 3 brands and has helped showcase our material in creative ways. The templates are awesome and it's great to be able to add our own logos and fonts."

how much is

Promo Cons

•    "I tried blocking the charges because I couldn't cancel and I was billed for 4 months. I never logged into their site used it at all."

•    "I find that the platform freezes up from time to time making me have to restart an ad which is irritating."

•    "After discussing the situation with him he went above and beyond to assist me in getting a refund even after accounting denied the first request."

•    "There is very little I dislike. I do wonder whether they music library could be added to - even if it was just five tracks a month."




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