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What Is WhatRunsWhere?

WhatRunsWhere is an ads spy tool that generally gives the access to most accurate ads insights of the digital advertising ecosystem. With the help of this amazing tool, you can simply get a step ahead of your competitor’s by keeping an eye on their advertising strategy.

Here WhatRunsWhere generally provides the display and the native ads intelligence for the online media buying. The aim of this amazing tool is to help mobile and the online advertisers in discovering the winning strategies as here you can simply learn which ads are performing best and then simply build more profitable content ads campaigns.

Just find the right plan for your business using WhatRunsWhere. Just sign up and start building more profitable campaigns.

WhatRunsWhere help online and mobile advertisers to buy more intelligently along with discovering the new traffic sources along with keeping an eye in their competition. WhatRunsWhere has been in the industry since 2001 and they are really currently in more than 7 markets.

With the help of simple toggle that generally lets you switch back and forth right between the affiliate and branded ads. Now you can switch for any type of ads like the affiliate or the large brands here WhatRunsWhere really makes it easy to find the data that you actually need.


Overview of WhatRunsWhere Features

Cutting-Edge Technology

What Runs Where is a robust intelligence program built by over 40 ad networks. The ad networks are spread across several countries. It explores over 120,000 unique sites and identifies what various advertisers are occupying their ad space.

Actionable Insights

where are your competitors advertising? What ads are they publishing? Who are they buying through? Do you have all this type of information? You will after you used What Runs Where. These pieces of information are vital for marketing decisions for yourself or clients.

Global Coverage

What Runs Where monitors over 120,000 unique publishers across 21 countries. It allows access to data from 90,000+ mobile websites and 500+ classified mobile ad networks.

Daily Updates

What Runs Where updates its database daily. Therefore, as a user, you’ll always get the freshest data possible. With fresh data, you can monitor campaigns as they progress.

The Latest and The Most Accurate Data

Here the data that is collected is 24/7 and basically updated daily to ensure that you are getting the most accurate and also up-to-date pictures right of the digital ad landscape available.

See Top Brands And Affiliate Ads

Now you can instantly see all of the top ads right from all over the web. You have also got the ability to segment right between the large brands and the affiliate campaigns. Here you can easily do the search by the keyword, ad type, country along with date range and many more things.

Discover Winning Strategies

Now you can discover many more winning strategies. Now get access to the comprehensive advertisers, category, website along with the network profiles in order to see all of the A-Z Campaigns.

Now see all of the advertisers top ads, traffic sources along with the landing pages networks used and more things. Simply discover profitable and also the new buying strategies right with just few clicks.

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WhatRunsWhere Benefits

WhatRunsWhere tracks over 120,000 unique publishers for each of the 21 countries covered, and identifies the various advertisers occupying their ad space. Users also get to look in-depth into company and brand level advertisements, and be able to extract details on creative messages used in winning campaigns, who they’re buying through and what is doing best. This allows for users to leverage this information to make better marketing decisions for the businesses or their clients. Its competitive intelligence even permits them to make experiments in their campaigns, and to advertise in a far more competitive way than they did before.

The platform’s data is updated daily. This means users get to have the freshest data possible to monitor campaigns as they evolve. This also allows the businesses to be proactive with their digital strategy instead of being reactive, thus being able to reach more customers in the process more effectively. With unrivaled insight into the digital buying landscape, WhatRunsWhere will open the door for its users to discover ways to start and scale new campaigns today.

Data on the platform spans back to over 5 years, which allows users to not only monitor what anyone is doing in real time, but you can also look back for a historical campaign overview, becoming a great tool that lets users see how digital strategies evolved, what were tested, and what ended up working. At the same time, WhatRunsWhere helps find new traffic sources, generate new creative ideas and improve campaigns as well.

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WhatRunsWhere Pros (Advantages)

•    Even a demo for the service is missing, there is a demo video showing you how to use the tools and you can see many of the features available in action inside the video.

•    There are several filters and segmentation options that allow you to easily find the data you are looking for.

•    The option to find affiliates ads can be very helpful for affiliate marketers.

WhatRunsWhere Cons (Disadvantages)

•    The service is really expensive, even on the smallest plan the price is not affordable for individual marketers.

•    There is no demo of the service available or a trial program.

•    Unfortunately, only five countries are covered by the service, which are the US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia.

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WhatRunsWhere Plans and Pricing Discount with Coupons Code

WhatRunsWhere offers a basic plan ($299/month) and a full coverage plan ($399/month). Enterprise plans are also available by contacting support.

The basic plan includes desktop and native advertising platforms. You can search for any advertiser, website, network or category. There is an option to filter results for affiliate campaigns. You can also track specific advertiser, site and network activity.

In addition to all of the basic plan features, the full coverage plan also offers mobile data for all advertiser, network, website and category profiles. You can filter between desktop, mobile and native data. This kind of data is especially helpful if you are buying a lot of mobile traffic or want to identify which device traffic is most popular in your industry.

All plans offer a 3-day refund policy, i.e. you can claim a refund within 3 days of the purchase date.

Let’s now take a closer look at the different features of WhatRunsWhere.

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WhatRunsWhere is a very well designed marketing tool which will definitely yield great results. It is recommended for those who want the best of the best whether it is designing a new ad or contemplating on making a media purchase. WhatRunsWhere helps you make sound and solid decisions which are based on technical and factual data not speculations or projections.

Although it is indeed a bit expensive but if you are doing well for yourself and can afford the high fee, WhatRunsWhere will make sure you gain more in the long run. After all you can never get the upper hand in the marketing race if you do not try a new approach, and WhatRunsWhere is all about new approaches and methods.




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