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What is Modalyst?

Modalyst is a classic dropshipping service that connects you to the verified product suppliers and allows you to directly sell their inventory to your customers. The main advantage of this approach is that you do not have to invest in building your own warehouses and stock products. Therefore, both risk and entry barrier is reduced to such extent, that any person can try out this business model for less than $100.

If you decide to give it a shot you should know that your role is to learn how to market and sell suppliers’ products online and the supplier’s role is to ship product to your client as soon as you receive an order from your customer. Modalyst’s role is to automatically route the order to its platform and notify the supplier about the order. Modalyst also facilitates all communication between you and the supplier while automating as much of the ordering process as possible.

How much profit you can make is entirely dependent on your online selling skills. Ability to correctly market the product, set up profitable social ad campaigns and optimize for conversions is the only way of making money with drop shipping.


How Modalyst Works

Sourcing high-quality dropshipping products from domestic suppliers couldn’t be easier: With millions of products to choose from, simply browse through Modalyst’s product catalog and add any products to your store with one click. Since some Modalyst suppliers only dropship on Modalyst, their product selection is more exclusive to access than the typical dropshipping product fodder.

To get started sourcing from Modalyst, integrate Modalyst with your online store (if you’re selling through Shopify simply integrate using the Modalyst Shopify App and if you’re selling through BigCommerce, integrate your store using the Modalyst BigCommerce App) and add products directly to your site with one click. When you add a product to your site, all prices, images, and product descriptions are automatically uploaded so there’s no manual work required unless you want to make any edits or changes.

Once a customer purchases a product from your site, you’ll be notified and you’ll be able to purchase the product from the Modalyst supplier within the Modalyst dashboard. Once the supplier has received your payment, they will package and ship the product directly to your customer in unbranded packaging so it appears to be sent directly from your store. Once the supplier has shipped the package, the tracking number is automatically communicated to you so you can track the package at any point during the shipping process, if need be.

This entire process can be managed through the Modalyst platform, which means you don’t have payments, order numbers, paperwork or tracking information to handle from different areas around the web. Every supplier you source from, every product you list, and every purchase that’s made on your site are all logged through your Modalyst’s dashboard so you can effortlessly manage orders, conversations, lists and payments from there.

One of the best aspects of sourcing from Modalyst is that there are no upfront inventory costs for merchants. When you add a product to your store from a Modalyst supplier, you don’t actually have to purchase that product until a customer purchases it from you! This means you can list as many products on your site as you want without being limited by any budget constraints, and you can list as many niche items as you like without worrying whether or not the inventory will sell. This makes starting an ecommerce store even more accessible to those who don’t have the resources to purchase large amounts of inventory upfront.

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Modalyst Main Features

I really like the Modalyst user interface, it’s well-designed, easy to navigate and you can literally control your dropshipping business from within the platform.

So, the main feature of Modalyst is that it gives small online retailers access to a wide variety of high-quality products from suppliers who are based in the EU and USA.

Modalyst gives you 3 inventory types to source products from, they are:

Independent Brands

Get access to high-quality niche related products that are hard to find anywhere else from small independent brands. There are products from 650+ suppliers and you get direct access to them which will allow you to communicate with them about products, prices and anything else that you may have questions about.

These suppliers have been thoroughly vetted by Modalyst so that they meet their high standards. Price, shipping and returns policy are also ironed out during the vetting process so that both merchant and supplier benefit from each other’s business.

Cool Affordable Products

Most of these products are from the SHEIN marketplace, SHEIN as many of you may know. mainly focuses on women’s fashion. There are over 100k products to choose from and they ship to over 80 countries and have distribution centres all around the world for faster shipping. Women’s apparel is the top niche for dropshipping and with direct access to the SHIEN marketplace you get an advantage over your competitors.

Low-Cost Goods

Choose from a wide selection of low-cost goods in over 40+ categories, from cool drones to trendy fashion wear, the basement prices for many of these products means that you can set high-profit margins.

All products are sourced from the WISH marketplace and shipping times range between 5-8 days. WISH has some tremendous products for sale at really low prices, you can easily raise your profit margins if you decide to source products from here.

Premium Brands – This option is only available in their Pro and Business plans, it gives you access to well-known brands and gives more options as to the kind of products you can drop ship through Modalyst.

You can search for products through keyword research and filter by your chosen category, price, shipping times and supplier.

Products from independent brands will have their own page with unique description, images, pricing and shipping times.

All products have a brief description along with their wholesale price, shipping costs, the number of countries you can ship to and the total stock count. If you like the product, you can easily import them into your import list and from there you can bulk import products into your store.

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Modalyst Pros

•    Standardized processes and systems

•    High quality products and environment of success

•    Handles return policies and commission rates with suppliers directly

•    Higher profit earning potential

•    US and EU suppliers

•    Suppliers ship directly to your store or customers

•    Information on shipping and tracking sent automatically

•    Direct integration with Shopify and BigCommerce

•    Possible Modalyst Woocommerce integration soon

•    No upfront inventory costs

•    No paperwork; handle each step on your Modalyst dashboard

•    Sell products across multiple platforms or social channels

•    One-click adding products to your store

•    Inventory level notifications

•    Data insights on products and profile

•    Communicate with suppliers directly

•    Free monthly plan

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Modalyst Cons

•    Limited brandability

•    Order placing isn’t completely automated

•    5 percent transaction fee on free pricing plan and most premium plans

•    Must upgrade to paid plans to access full supplier network

•    Products sold only at manufacturer’s suggested retailing price (MSRP)

•    60 percent payment to brands on each product’s MSRP regardless of selling price

•    Varying shipping times and costs

•    App operates on annual contract paid upfront or in monthly installments

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Modalyst Pricing and Discount with Coupons Code

Like most Modalyst dropshipping reviews, we finish it with the pricing.

Modalyst pricing includes three plans: Hobby (free plan $0), Startup $35, Pro $90 per month.

Yearly plans cost cheaper with $30 & $67/ month. (Startup and Pro).

Each offers different features based on your business needs.

modalyst dropshipping reviews


Modalyst is an established player in the dropshipping market. As a drop shipper, you should never rely only on one service. It is recommended to use multiple services simultaneously to exploit their pros to the full extent. 

With many dropshipping services today, there is no control over delivery speed or product quality. Modalyst is challenging this hurdle through cooperation with branded and verified suppliers. Finding responsible product suppliers who will consistently provide high product quality is the biggest challenge in dropshipping. It is hard to make long term business with unreliable suppliers, with Modalyst finding reliable partners is much easier and cheaper than with other drop shipping services.




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