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What Is the Pexgle?

Pexgle is new software which was introduced to the e-commerce world by the Pexda team. Pexda is a great spy tool that I have used during my dropshipping journey. It helps the user to get brand new trending products data every day. Pexgle?released as an advance extension as a Pexda.?Pexda?is a product research tool which has specific features that no ever product research tool has in the market.

Here, I would like to mention that Pexgle is an advanced product researching tool as well as a spy tool.


Pexgle Key Feature Reviews

Pexgle has three core features that are accessed on the homepage dashboard – Winning ads by AI, Shopify Analytics and Facebook Tracker. Let’s look at what each of these features consists of and how they can be used to your advantage.

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Pexgle Winning Ads Picked by AI

This is a brand-new feature introduced by Pexgle which is a drop shippers dream! Winning products are updated here on a daily basis with full analytic data including reactions, shares, and comments. This can be filtered by trending ads or you can choose to look at all the ads that Pexgle AI has analyzed. The dashboard can take you directly to the Facebook Ad copy as well as the AliExpress product page. You can even see how many stores are currently advertising the product, this is very powerful!

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Pexgle Shopify Analytics

Probably the most used feature on Pexgle, the best-selling ads feature allows you to spy on other store’s products. There are no limits to the products being sold that you can view here, as literally every item sold on a Shopify store can be viewed from this section.

Better still, various filters are in place for simpler navigation, saving you lots of time that is traditionally wasted researching products from other stores. You can search by date published, domain name, price, traffic, and specific collections.

Researching products is one of the most challenging aspects of running an eCommerce store, so by being able to check your competitors best selling products, you can essentially see what’s selling well and start selling these products on your own store.

Every product comes with detailed information to help with your decision making. You can see its price, product description, link to the original store page, and get info on Facebook ads used to sell the product.

It’s a goldmine of information that can be used to find the hottest products on other stores, which you can then use as inspiration for your own store or even copy directly. This feature has the potential to save you a lot of time and effort while generating lots of money – it’s really that good!

In fact, you can use it to save money on things you may traditionally spend money on. For instance, if you aren’t great at product descriptions and outsource to a writer, you can simply copy the descriptions from other stores, make a few slight adjustments and they should be fine to use.

Even if you write your own descriptions, this feature can do much of the work for you, meaning less time writing and more time updating products onto your store.

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Pexgle Best Facebook Ads

Taking inspiration from the best Facebook ads is a simple yet effective way to drive traffic and sales towards your store. However, the time taken to research these ads often makes it less cost-effective, which is why the Best Facebook Ads feature on Pexgle is so useful.

This feature lets you view detailed information about the best product adverts on Facebook, including view count, comments, shares, published date, and traffic generated.

There is also a link to the adverts on Facebook, which is great because you can inspect the comments to see what people are saying.

This is important because while an ad may generate lots of comments, they may not be positive, so providing this information is very useful for making smart decisions on what ads to run and what to avoid.

You can also filter the ads to search for something specific. For instance, searching by engagement is a great way to gauge how much an ad is being shared and tagged on Facebook.
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Pexgle Followeds Stores

This feature lets you favorite any store you want to follow.

It’s great because you can add several stores to the page and continue to monitor their metrics, which is especially useful when you find a new store on Facebook that looks promising and want to monitor their products and ads.

To use this feature, you just need to copy the URL of the store and then visit the Followed Stores tab to get more info. You’ll find handy info on every store you follow, including products, adverts, and any Facebook pages linking to the store

Pexgle Top Stores

As the name suggests, this feature provides access to the top-performing Shopify stores. How many stores does this include? Just the 500!

Yes, you have access to information for the 500 top Shopify stores, which means access to countless different niche stores and products that may be perfect for your own store. Any time you find a store you like analyze just add it to your followed stores list and then continue to monitor it from your dashboard.

This feature is another example of how Pexgle can save you valuable time by taking away the effort of manually searching stores on Facebook. Just go through all the stores and click on any that may interest you then check their adverts, products, linked pages, and Facebook posts to see what they’re doing right.

You can literally spy on the top stores on Shopify and use it give your store a competitive edge!

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Pexgle Facebook Tracker

The second main component of Pexgle is the Facebook Tracker. Any good store on Shopify uses Facebook pages to help drive traffic towards their store and create engaging content to better market their products.

Various filters are available on this feature to help analyze various performance data on Facebook pages. For example, you can filter what posts worked best in the previous 1-9 days along with filters such as views, comments, shares, reactions, and changes to engagement over specific periods.

With the Facebook Tracker feature, you can spy on all the content created on Facebook pages and different posts for their products, using the information to inspire content and product posts on your own Facebook page.

You can measure what works for them and what doesn’t, giving invaluable insight into their marketing strategies on Facebook. Better still, you can follow several store’s Facebook pages and monitor their posts in real-time.

Anyone struggling for ideas for Facebook posts will never struggle again when using this incredible feature from Pexgle.

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Pexgle Review: Pros and Cons

Pexgle Pros

•    Beginner Friendly: The tool is super easy to use even if you’re a beginner

•    Easy to use interface: once you login pexgle you can easily spot the tools from your dashboard.

•    Saves Time: You no longer need to spend hours searching for winning products.

•    Tracking: you can track the big stores out there and your competitors with pexgle.

•    It will also save you a lot of money for testing products.

Pexgle Cons

•    The Price may be too expensive for beginners

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Pexgle pricing: how much does it cost?

With all the things that it can do, how much does Pexgle cost?

Pexgle requires users to pay for a service fee. It can be monthly or yearly. Let us take a look at the plans.

•    Pro – $99 per month with a monthly plan; $82.95 per month with a yearly plan. This is the basic package that comes with up to 250 shops for the analyzer, up to 250 pages for monitoring, best-selling products, selected by AI, trending Facebook ads, daily post tracking, active ads, filter metric, multiple collections, and top 10, 000 shops.

•    Guru – $199.95 per month with a monthly plan; $149.95 per month with a yearly plan. This is the most popular package that comes with up to 500 shops for the analyzer, up to 500 pages for monitoring, best-selling products, selected by AI, trending Facebook ads, filter metric, multiple collections, and top 10, 000 shops, multiple users (5 users).

•    Business – $499.95 per month with a monthly plan; $399.95 per month with a yearly plan. This is the most expensive package that comes with up to 1,500 shops for the analyzer, up to 1,500 pages for monitoring, best-selling products, selected by AI, trending Facebook ads, filter metric, multiple collections, and top 30, 000 shops, multiple users (10 users).

If you are just starting out, there is no doubt that you have to use the PRO Plan. Only upgrade once your store is already making a lot of sales.

The pro plan costs $82.95 per month while the monthly plan costs $49.95

The guru plan costs $149.95 per month while the monthly plan costs $199.95.

The Business plan costs $399.95 per month while the monthly plan costs $499.95 per month.

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Final Thoughts About Pexgle

This tool unique’s feature is the ability to give you with products specific to your input data, not the same public products that typical winning product scraper provide, that gives you a competitive advantage. It also feature a very powerful Chrome Plugin that will work either on any Pexgle Shopify and Aliexpress page. The GUI is as simple as effective, easy to navigate and accessible. I highly recommend it! Get the 7 days Trial to and you won’t be disappointed! After reading this Pexgle review you will get prompted with a special limited offer.

This is a great idea if you know you’re going to be using the service for the entire year but can represent a massive outlay that many won’t be willing to pay until they’re certain they love the product.




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