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 AdSwiper Reviews

AdSwiper is a comprehensive and easy to use Facebook Ad Spy Tool. It saves you a lot of time and money that is usually spent on testing ads.


AdSwiper helps you to find out what works already?

It has a growing library of Facebook Ads. It has as much as 41,307 Ads collected from 26 countries.

Moreover, this is growing at a fast pace. The tool comes in a free as well as paid version. The free version only shows competitor ads that are in your newsfeed. You can access all Facebook Ads for free.

AdSwiper has much to offer. You can access thousands of ads from every industry from around the world. It’s the best way to stay updated in your industry (in different regions).

It allows you to find out top ads by performance. You can sort by engagement using metrics such as likes, comments, shares, video views, etc.

adswiper’s facebook ad spy tool

You can explore ads using its advanced algorithm that are relevant to you by keyword. One can preview screenshots of landing pages proven to work.

It allows you to mark ads that catch your eyes as favorites (directly from your newsfeed). It offers advanced metrics to let you know what makes ads go viral.

All you have to do is to install a Chrome Browser Plugin. When a new Facebook Ad pops up on your feed, it gets automatically added to “Your Most Recent Ads” list directly in the app.

It’s also made available in the global user base in the “Search All Ads” menu.

AdSwiper needs to manually turn on the advertising expansion switch, and need to browse Facebook to collect the advertisements we need, also the number of advertisements is limited. AdLibrary Helper saves this operation, we can directly use the chrome extension to spy ads directly, and it contains all the advertising information inside Facebook.

adswiper facebook

AdSwiper Function Reviews

Number of ads

AdSwiper needs to collect advertisements by browsing Facebook pages within Facebook, and the number of advertisements collected depends on the length of browsing time. At the same time, AdSwiper can only be limited to Facebook ads, and is not included for other platforms.

Query filter

AdSwiper has three filters, which can be filtered according to country, button type and sorting type, narrow the scope of the advertisement, and find the most suitable advertisement content.

Advertising and Advertising Publisher Spy

In AdSwiper , ad spy and ad publisher spy use two search boxes. When searching for advertisers, query in the advertiser’s search box. The two should not be confused.


AdSwiper has set a favorite button on the upper right of the ad content queried on the page. Customers can collect the advertisements that interest them. The next time they need to view the advertisement, they only need to open the collection to quickly find it.

Data change analysis

AdSwiper does not analyze the changes in the likes and traffic of ads. It also does not provide change trends internally.

Hot ads

AdSwiper can view the currently popular “hot ads” (according to likes, video views, comments, etc.). This design model allows us to find advertising inspiration and at the same time better understand user.

adswiper chrome extension

AdSwiper Pros

Browse rival advertisements using several filters– keyword phrases, web page name, word matter, and also much more.

Create a folder for your favored ads.

See what ads are presently doing well “Top Ads” (by sort, video sights, remarks, and so on).

AdSwiper Cons

There aren’t plenty of advertisements to pick up from for the cost-free version.

AdSwiper Pricing and Discount with Coupon Code

AdSwiper has two payment methods, free or $247/year, the free version provides limited advertising content, the paid version can provide more useful ads.




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