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What is ShopInspect?

Shopinspect is one of the best ways to find trending products for your dropshipping store! Their algorithm searches the internet to find the best new viral products for your business. It also shows you how much on average the product is selling for and how much profit you can make! Overall, this is one of the easiest ways to find a product and start selling with dropshipping! Keep reading below to find an in-depth review on Shopinspect.


ShopInspect Key Features Reviews

Product Research Tool

This tool helps you find trending products that are already selling in your niche before other people start selling them. This way you can set up your store and start selling before the market gets too saturated. Shopinspect also provides you with suppliers for these products so you don’t have to spend your precious time searching for the best supplier. Shopinspect will provide you with the supplier that has fastest shipping and lowest prices. so you can rest assured you are getting the best deal from your supplier.

Word Cloud

This feature comes with a list of words used for searches that has something to do with the keyword you are searching. These words will help you expand your search to get better results until you are satisfied with the product you are looking for.

best way to use shopinspect

Trending and Most Popular Shopify Stores

Let’s be honest a store that is selling over 10 million dollars a month on Shopify knows a bit more about what kind of website converts than a brand new or even novice dropshipper. This is where the trending and most popular Shopfiy stores section comes in handy. This section allows you to take a look at the most popular Shopify stores. Looking at already successful stores has helped me massively as it gave me tips on what my website should look like.

For example, I was unsure how to make a checkout page that customers would trust enough to put their credit card information into. After looking at the top store I saw that you can gain credibility by following the same color theme throughout both your checkout page and product page, and also that including your logo helps increase credibility.

Analytics and Demographics

Finding the perfect audience for your product is one of the more difficult and expensive steps in creating a dropshipping business. Having to spend money on different ad sets for different demographics until you find the perfect audience can cost a lot of money. Using the suggested interests for ad targeting under analytics can help alleviate the stress of finding an audience for your product. This tool shows you which interest targeting you can use if you are advertising through Facebook. 

Under this section, it also shows you how much the product costs, if shipping is included or how much shipping costs, and the recommended resell price. This can serve as a good guide on how you should price your product. Another great tool is customer demographics, this helps you decide what age groups and gender are buying your product the most. This can help you only target people who will actually buy your product, which can help cut down on your spending for your ads.

how much does shopinspect cost

Video Ads

Once you have found your winning product, the next step to start making money is to make an advertisement for your product. This is a very crucial step as this is what is going to persuade customers to buy from you. According to research done by Malin Wijenayake, an ad specialist. Video ads do 2x better than regular image ads.

Shopinspect provides video ads with their premium account so you don’t need to worry about this step either. The ads that are provided demonstrate what the product does, the product in use, and has text overlay to explain the product and what it does. These videos are perfect as it means you don’t have to order the product for your self and film a video, instead, it is provided for you!

pros and cons of shopinspect

ShopInspect Pros (Advantages)

•    ShpInspect updates information for more than 100 million products every day.

•    It offers a free trial.

•    The platform combines artificial intelligence with machine learning technology.

•    ShopInspect offers weekly pieces of training on a Facebook private group for subscribers.

ShopInspect Cons (Disadvantages)

•    The pricing plan for monthly payments is more than double than of yearly plans.

•    Their standard plan only offers 10 searches per day.

shopinspect review

Shopinspect Pricing And Discount with Coupon Code

 You can choose between a monthly payment of $47, or you can be billed annually for $19 a month. The annual billing option is cheaper per month, but you have to pay $564 once a year instead of monthly

Depending on how long you think you will be using this service for I would recommend you pay for the annual plan!

Shopinspect has a free plan which is very limited as you can only see one trending product. I recommend trying the software out to see if it is what you want, with the free trial, and then if you find it useful then you can pay for the premium plan. 

If you are thinking of using the plan for a long time then you can save $28 a month by purchasing it monthly, but, if you only think you will use it for a short amount of time then you can just pay for a one month plan.

shopinspect pricing

ShopInspect Review Summary

ShopInspect is for the savvy businessperson. It is always a great idea to invest in tools that give you data. Data can provide insights and stories that help you eliminate guesswork.

One of the reasons why dropshippers fail is they make business decisions based on hunches—while this can work for some people, it is not guaranteed to work for everyone.

ShopInspect is the only tool you need to find out what products are in demand. Moreover, you can also spy on the ads of your competitors and see which ones are working. If you see that the ads have a lot of engagement, then you certainly need to get inspiration from that ad.

Stop the guesswork—use ShopInspect and beat your competition with data-driven decisions.



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