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What is SERPWoo?  

SERPWoo is a keyword rank tracking tool, but you may better understand it as a “niche tracker”. 

If you’re confused about what a tool such as this one does, you need not be because it’s relatively straightforward. 

You see, it simply tracks the top 20 or more websites associated with a keyword (It’ll actually track even more websites if you create a project in ORM mode).

According to SERPWoo’s website, the tool was created out of the frustration that was experienced by the tool’s founders when using rank trackers that only provided URL rankings without any information relating to the top SERPs. 

So, with that in mind, they created a tool that will allow you to access all the keyword data available on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for the top 20+ results associated with a keyword.

This is a great feature, as most tools only allow you to investigate SERP across a single domain at any given time. So, the fact that you’ll be able to look at over 20 different domains gives you a lot of flexibility.  


SERPWoo Main Features Review

SERPwoo’s SERP Analysis  

With SERPWoo, you’ll be treated to a colorful user interface (UI) that displays information regarding your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) projects. This is great because you’ll have access to visual representations of how your projects are progressing. Something extremely helpful is the ability to sort out progress via color and rankings.

For example, if your project reaches that elusive number one spot in the SERPs, it will appear dark green. Conversely, if your SEO campaign is not in the top one hundred results it will appear in dark purple. This tool will show you how your projects are doing, which will enable you to adjust your content strategy accordingly. So, you’ll never be left confused as to whether your project is doing well, or needs attention.  

serp rank tracker serpwoo

Matthew wrote an awesome guide about how to legally steal competitors backlinks. SERPWoo made it simple, Yes you can improve your rankings with the help of this SERP tracker tool.

How to do them?

Suppose you are ranking at position 11 for a keyword. Use them to analyze the top 10 pages and click on referring domains or MOZ all links. The tools will list the websites linking to your top 10 competitors.

Now analyze the competitor's backlinks and find how they linked it?

  • If the link is from comments, make a comment
  • If the link is from forums or web 2.0, create an account and drop your links over there.
  • If the link is from a guest post, approach the site owner and provide your guest posts.

This method is a simple yet useful tip to get backlinks and this tool makes it simpler to analyze.

Supports ORM Campaign

SERPWoo can use for proper ORM campaigns. Tagging of different types of URLs can be done with the help of this product. It will offer you the local SEO map for the region you stay. URL or domain monitoring program of this tool is very impressive. This one has very impressive built in keyword research tool. So you can detect completely friendly keywords by using SERPWoo. Anytime new WEB platform can arrive and ordinary tools will not work on those platforms. But this one can discover and work with those very easily. That is why this search engine rank page monitoring solution is strongly recommendable.

brand monitoring serpwoo

How much does SERPWoo cost? Pricing Discount with Coupon code

As well as being packed with useful features that go beyond most of their rank tracking counterparts, SERPWoo is also very competitively priced.

The packages are split into four: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

SERPWoo Bronze – $49.95 per month

The entry-level Bronze package allows you to track 750 keywords and offers the following features:

•    Unlimited Domains

•    Unlimited Projects

•    Unlimited Keyword Lists

•    API Access

•    CSV Exports

•    PDF Reports

•    Keyword Finder

•    Local SEO Tracking

SERPWoo Silver – $99.95 per month

The Silver package comes with all of the above features as well as Mobile Tracking and allows you to track 2,000 keywords.

SERPWoo Gold – $199.95 per month

The Gold Package has all the same features as the Silver, but lets you track 4,000 keywords.

SERPWoo Platinum – $299.95 per month

This is the premium package which lets you track 8,000 keywords, along with all the same features as above.

serpwoo monitoring

SERPWoo Pros 

•    Simple reporting

•    Platform usability

•    Notifications of evolution

serpwoo zora

SERPWoo Cons

•    Setup of the sections

•    Personalization of notifications

•    Team working options

rank tracking serpwoo


I don't need to say much in this SERPWoo review. If you're not using this advanced tool, you know that you're behind others. Be it client SEO or affiliate SEO, I think SERPWoo is a necessary tool to overcome competitors and to take control of whole SERP results.




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