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What is MerchantWords?

MerchantWords is the most extensive database of shopper keyword search data available anywhere. We collect searches from the world's largest product search engine: Amazon. This allows us to see what’s in the minds of shoppers – your customers – and inform you how to build a powerful and agile strategy to scale your business. Since 2012, our data has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs discover new opportunities, achieve successful product launches, and run profitable advertising campaigns on Amazon and beyond. Our products include our suite of Amazon data tools; full-service keyword research, and listing optimization services; and custom data analytics solutions for enterprise clients.


How does MerchantWords work?

Just like Google has built its vast database, MerchantWords has been collecting the most commonly used keywords found on Amazon. They also use the assistance of other search engines and native English shopping portals.

From this, they can use the estimated averages for individual keywords on Amazon. Is it accurate? Not perfectly, but reasonably close. Certainly no human could guess closer, unless you had access to Amazon’s own API.

The process of a sales funnel. Understanding this will help your keyword planning immensely.

Note: Amazon doesn’t provide their own data towards services like this. It’s a closely guarded secret. Luckily, MerchantWords does have their proprietary ways to give sellers the competitive edge.

As a daily user of Ahrefs for website construction and traffic generation, I’m able to fairly able to evaluate this software. Already it seems quite in-depth unlike the others out there, including Helium10 and JungleScout.

If I were a beginner, I would find it quite easy to simply get started and fill my listings with some basic keywords. The pricing is also quite affordable, at just $30 per month for a basic listing subscription with Merchant Words. It is, from all accounts, the most in-depth piece of software available.

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MerchantWords Pro Services Reviews

Are you wondering how to use merchantwords? If this seems like a lot of information, don't worry. Next up we're going to cover they're listening advisor tool, collections, classic search, and keyword multiplier.

MerchantWords Listing Advisor

First, it is important to note that this service is not available in all parts of the world; only in select countries. That said, it will provide you with data-driven listings that will up your sales and exposure on Amazon. The Listing Advisor costs $300, but you can get a discount when you make ten or more orders. MerchantWords takes ten business days to write a listing, and updates will be emailed to you while you wait.

MerchantWords Collections

This feature allows you to create and diversify lists based on queries. If you hit a brick wall when thinking of a name to give one of your future products, then do not fret. You’ll get variations just below your main keyword results to help you out. Each variation has stats like depth, popularity, and search volume so you can know the best one to pick.

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MerchantWords Classic Search

The MerchantWords Classic Search tool is the authentic search tool for the MerchantWords program. With this tool, users can make and discover new keywords. This tool comes with a plus. You can also see the extent of each keyword’s category and depth.

The classic search tool helps MerchantWords users understand the presence and availability of the vast sea of alternatives which could potentially assist them in generating a whole new product idea based on the number of unique searches on the Amazon website.

MerchantWords Keyword Multiplier

A relatively easy tool to use, this tool was introduced by MerchantWords so that potential sellers can easily generate similar keywords within a few seconds. All one need do is to enter a keyword and voila! It displays many words that are synonymous with your search inquiry. From this array of choices, you can select the most creative ideas you find appealing. This tool is extremely effective for the generation of product ideas.

MerchantWords Page one products

Found in the side panel under ‘P1’, page one products show you all the top listings for any keyword you enter. From this page, you are also showed the minimum price, maximum price, and the average price.

Use this helpful feature to your advantage so you know how to properly price your products. If a product seems to be trending low, you don't want to price it high and risk missing out on sales. Having this tool will allow you to better price your products to match what's currently trending so you stay at the top of the rankings

Beside each listing you will see its ASIN, its position among the rankings, the price of the product, and how many reviews it has. Next to that you will see its average star rating. If a product is an Amazon's Choice listing, it will be notated beside the rating.

You can then research each listing to see what attributes it has that makes it ranked so highly among the Amazon search results. This is a great way to fine-tune your own listings to ensure that they are seen by more shoppers.

Doing this will help to increase your bottom line, give you greater visibility, and help you to competitively price your product.

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MerchantWords ASIN Plus

This feature is located in the navigation bar under ‘A+’. This valuable tool lets you see what keywords your competitors are using. If a competitor is successful, this will help you find out why.

In the search bar that's provided, you enter your competitor’s ASIN. Think of this as a reverse telephone number lookup, only with product numbers instead. Now, you can directly view what keywords your top competitors used to drive sales. This is especially useful if said competitor is highly successful.

The results are the same as the classic Search tool. You still see where the page ranks, how many reviews each product has, and more. A handy addition to the ASIN Plus tool is the CSV downloader.

This lets you download your scent desired amount of keywords. You can then use this list in your own PPC campaign or product description.

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Features of Merchant Words Pro

  • They provide access into real Amazon shopper search data from hundreds of millions of customers worldwide.
  • Shows top-ranking keywords and performance metrics for best-selling Amazon products with ASIN search.
  • Helps discover how to rank on page one with keyword search history and page one ASIN analysis.
  • Provides an edge on the competition with undiscovered long tail keywords.
  • Makes sure that you are ahead of the curve with real-time data collection.

Benefits of using Merchant Words

  • Largest buyer keyword database.
  • Shows keywords from worldwide marketplaces.
  • Optimizes your discoverability and helps expand business.
  • Real-time data collection and keyword history analysis.
  • Always available customer support.

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MerchantWords Pros 

  • It has a real-time and large database and that can help you with the highest keyword backup. When the number of options is more at your hand, selecting the best one is the best thing.
  • This tool goes beyond the average keyword acquisition and that helps you in getting a competitive advantage.
  • It can properly handle data without large customization. It saves time and you can concentrate more on your sales.

MerchantWords Cons 

  • In order to get full coverage, you have to invest a sound amount of money. There are very limited free services.
  • Downloading or installation creates issues sometimes. It needs to be corrected in the near future.
  • Not all the support you will get in free mode. Customer support also depends on your plan.

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MerchantWords Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

The plans of MerchantWords give you unlimited searches and CSV downloads, and access to Amazon keyword data from up to 11 countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico,Spain, United Kingdom, United States

Silver plan: $29/month


  • Amazon Data: just for a single country
  • Keyword collections: up to 10
  • Monthly searches: 500
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword seasonality
  • Page one analysis (available for US and UK data)
  • Performance metrics (available for US and UK data)
  • Keyword history

Gold plan: $79/month


  • Amazon Data: regional, choose between
  • North America: USA, Canada and Mexico
  • Europe: Spain, Italy, Germany, UK and France
  • Asia: Australia, Japan and India
  • Keyword collections: up to 100
  • Monthly searches: 1.000
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword seasonality
  • Page one analysis (available for US and UK data)
  • Performance metrics (available for US and UK data)
  • Keyword history
  • ASIN Plus (available for US and UK data)
  • Keyword multiplier

Platinum plan: $149/month


  • Amazon Data: global
  • Keyword collections: up to 1.000
  • Monthly searches: Unlimited
  • Keyword search volume
  • Keyword seasonality
  • Page one analysis (available for US and UK data)
  • Performance metrics (available for US and UK data)
  • Keyword history
  • ASIN Plus (available for US and UK data)
  • Keyword multiplier
  • Multiple users (2 concurrent)
  • Digital shelf dashboard (coming soon)

Final Thoughts

MerchantWords has adopted the concept of keywords introduced by Google years ago amazingly. However, many users accuse MarchantWords for the inaccurate suggestions. The pricing policy is also quite sharp from the very start. For comparison, Unicorn Smasher and Camelcamelcamel are the free alternatives that can be in-built directly into the browser . They offer extra features not available on MerchantWords as for 2020. 

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