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What Is Jungle Scout Pro ?

Jungle Scout offers a full suite of tools that not only helps you analyze and sort through millions of Amazon products but also provides key insights that you can’t get elsewhere, such as keyword analytics, monthly sales, average price and so on.

When it comes to selling on Amazon, you must pick a product that isn’t too competitive to achieve a steady flow of revenue for the long haul.

That is why you should never launch a product on Amazon without insights from JungleScout. Sourcing a product with too much demand can be an expensive disaster, and with Jungle Scout, you will have access to analytics that will prevent such mistakes.

After all, starting a business on Amazon requires procuring physical inventory, which does mean you will be forking out a relatively huge sum of money upfront to fund your initial inventory. That’s why it’s a total no brainer to invest in analytics software like Jungle Scout to validate your product before you pull the trigger with your supplier.

Recently, Jungle Scout restructured its pricing that consolidates all of its offerings into a subscription plan, which means you get even more out of your dollar.

In this Jungle Scout review, we’ll dive into Jungle Scout’s incredible features and go over some factors to consider before you consider signing up for Jungle Scout.

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What does Jungle Scout Do?

Essentially, Jungle Scout performs a variety of different functions as it relates to product research. Among its various functions, one of its most important tasks is to track the following statistics of a specific product:

  • daily, weekly and monthly sales
  • customer reviews
  • customer ratings.

Besides telling the user about the performance of specific products, it can also monitor the product listings, daily sales and fluctuations in the performance your competitors’ product sales in order to find weaknesses to exploit. Jungle Scout can be utilized in two different ways: its web app and its Chrome extension.

jungle scout review

Jungle Scout Main Features Reviews

While Jungle Scout is not new software, it is constantly being updated to better serve consumers. The dedicated team of professional developers behind Jungle Scout never stop improving, growing, and updating tools and resources that are available. These tools and resources are designed with the Amazon FBA business owner in mind, helping business owners thrive and expand.

Jungle Scout Product Database

With Jungle Scout, you will have access to a product database consisting of over 70 million products. These products are directly from the Amazon catalog. Jungle Scout makes it simple to organize and view all product ideas, according to your specific search query. Coming up with product ideas is not always easy and Jungle Scout keeps this in mind. That is why they provide business owners with a means of research when it comes to product ideas. You are provided with pre-set filters, allowing you to discover potential products more easily and conjure up product ideas that fit your business. These filters include estimated sales, sales rank, and revenue. You can also filter by different categories. These tools allow you to filter through which products meet your specific needs.

However, Jungle Scout does not stop there when it comes to advancements within their product database. They also want to help you streamline your FBA business. For this reason, they have also included an in-app FBA Profit Calculator. This allows you to easily keep track of overhead costs and potential fees to manage your products properly.

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Once you have found a product with the database search, you will still need some more information before committing to it, which is where the Jungle Scout Product Tracker comes in.

Previously, data in this section was shown as a graph, but in the newest version of the software, it is now presented in table form.

Within this section you can create customized groups, where you can track a number of products together, which is great for comparison purposes. You can see one way of structuring these groups below.

Once you click through into one of the groups, you will be given in depth data relating to the performance of the products tracked. You can also view this information individually for each product.

This is the perfect way to get a feel for the potential of a product and means far less wasted time on unprofitable niches in the long run.

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Jungle Scout Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is the most accurate and comprehensive Amazon keyword research tool on the market. This tool is very helpful for finding high-quality keywords that you should include within your listing while showing the search volume and PPC cost associated with each keyword. Any Amazon seller will tell you that having the correct keyword(s) within your product listing is critical to having a high number of sales. When using a tool like Keyword Scout, you no longer have to guess which keywords to use. Put your seed keyword into the tool and let it do the critical thinking for you, then simply add the high search volume, relevant, keywords into your listing.

This tool can also be used to estimate what your PPC spend may be before even entering a product niche. The PPC bids may too high for you to even consider entering. Better to find out before spending thousands of dollars on products!

Jungle Scout Supplier Database

The Supplier Database is first of its kind and helps Amazon sellers find global suppliers that top brands are actually using. Finding a quality supplier is half the battle with e-commerce selling, so by finding the suppliers that seasoned brands are using, you can contact these same suppliers for your own needs. Additionally, this feature can be used to find the supplier of your competitor which may give you a competitive advantage.

When in the Supplier Database, you can search for suppliers based on the product keyword, company or ASIN, giving the best opportunity to find your competition’s exact supplier. I recently used this feature to find the exact supplier that was selling my competitor a high quality floating shelf.

Below are screenshots showing what a supplier result looks like for the query “cat coffee mug”.

Jungle Scout Niche Hunter

Another feature in the web app is the Niche Hunter, which is essentially the Product Database on steroids. The difference here is that instead of returning results for products, Niche Hunter would give suggestions on niches based on the collective performance of several related listings.

This means that the Niche Hunter has more attributes that you can set as a filter compared to Product Database. Still, factors such as competition, listing quality score, and opportunity score comes into play as the filters instead of just showing up in the results.

The results from Niche Hunter are similar to the Product Database, but instead of showing results for individual products, Niche Hunter consolidates them into niches instead, with the option of expanding each niche to show the top listing inside of it.

The caveat with using Niche Hunter is that since it relies on algorithms to come up with a score for listing quality and the opportunity score, it can easily be skewed by outliers. The algorithm for analyzing listing quality is also not as robust as we’d like to use it, so we wouldn’t take the results from Niche Hunter as the be-all and end-all for product research.

With that said, Niche Hunter can be a great way to quickly generate some product ideas that you can easily analyze further yourself.

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Jungle Scout Listing Builder

As we’ve mentioned before, keywords play a huge role in getting your listing ranked on the first page, which is where Listing Builder can be helpful. This feature is especially useful for beginners that are building their very first listing.

Listing Builder works by suggesting keywords that you should include in your listing. The suggested keywords are put into a custom list based on the search results on Keyword Scout, so you can be assured that the suggested keywords are relevant.

Then, you create your listing on the web app as if you’re creating your listing on Amazon for real.

You do this by creating a draft of your listing on the Listing Builder section for Jungle Scout to show relevant keywords once it’s done analyzing your copy.

You then paste your amended listing copy into the real listing builder on Amazon in your Seller Central account with enhanced keyword density.

While this feature is nice to have, it isn’t doing anything revolutionary, and many experienced Amazon sellers would be able to craft their listing without this feature.

Jungle Scout Launch

Launch was designed exclusively with the Amazon FBA business owner in mind to help drive revenue and connect with customers. Enhancing the customer experience, while also increasing sales, is an important aspect of any business. Launch provides business owners with promotional features and direct customer email outreach that allows you to make extra sales. Those sellers that work with email communication for their customers are known to see more engagement, leading to more customer reviews and increasing customer satisfaction. Automating certain email processes, such as order confirmation or shipping updates that can show your customers that you care, helping to minimize the potential for negative feedback.

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Pros of Jungle Scout

  • Easy to use and intuitive.
  • Plenty of learning helps included for beginners.
  • Ability to send generic screenshots to others for review.
  • Accuracy of the estimates and projections.
  • Quality customer care.
  • Detailed analysis of product variations.

Cons of Jungle Scout

  • The Lite and Basic versions are a bit too limited in what they can do.
  • Full integration between the web app and the Chrome extension has some bugs to work out.
  • Some felt that both the applications and the extensions were a bit pricey.

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Jungle Scout Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

There are two different ways to use Jungle Scout. The Web App and the Chrome Extension. A lot of debate goes on with a lot of people on if the Web App is better than the Chrome Extension. 

There are three plans available. You must pay for the Web App and the Chrome Extension. With that being said, if you want them both you can choose Jungle Scout & Extension plan.

In addition, Jungle Scout prices vary depending on whether you want to pay monthly or annually.

The Jungle Scout prices are as follows:

Jungle Scout Monthly payment

  • Jungle Scout (WebApp only): $49 per month
  • Jungle Scout & Extension: $69 per month
  • Extension: $39 per month

Jungle Scout Annual payment

  • Jungle Scout (WebApp only): $39 per month
  • Jungle Scout & Extension: $49 per month
  • Extension: $19 per month

If you only want the Chrome Extension, it costs $228 a year or $19 a month and you get all the pretty frills that come with it (which are worth it I should add). 

jungle scout pricing


Jungle Scout is such a powerful tool for Amazon Sellers, especially those that go through the FBA program specifically. 

It’s easy to justify purchasing this software if you sell even a moderate amount through the platform, and power sellers can benefit from the tool immensely. 

Stop asking if Jungle Scout is worth it and just try out the software for a month to see how it benefits your sales and efficiency. 

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