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What Is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a drop shipping service that provides access to many products and markets throughout the world.

These products are updated every day, and heavy research goes into finding the best items for both buyers and sellers.

Users can gain valuable insight into the products about their profitability, advertising channels, and popularity as well as review in-depth analytics about them.

Drop shipping business owners can sell their Ecomhunt items through all the largest online markets such as Amazon, eBay, Shopify, and more.

This makes it very attractive to new users who don’t have access to large networks of customers.

Essentially, Ecomhunt gives drop shipping users a great opportunity to procure new, exciting products and to make great profits while doing so.


How does EcomHunt Works?

Simply put, EcomHunt saves you the stress for searching for hot and fast selling products online. Instead, you can focus on other things that matter for your e-commerce business.

EcomHunt updates several products on a daily basis for it users and which of course are specially handpicked by experts. The products updated  include the following data:

  • Profit
  • Analytics
  • Engagement
  • Links
  • Facebook Ads
  • Product Video
  • Facebook targeting etc.

While having access to the winning products users can virtually sell the product on any e-commerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, and Amazon etc.

EcomHunt gives its users access to new selling and winning products on a daily basis.

Another interesting thing about Ecomhunt is, once you have links to stores selling these winning products already, you can also from there have access to other trending products or their best selling products that you can add to your online store.

With this, you are simply getting more than the intended value.

The best part about EcomHunt is that they are offering a 30-day money back guarantee for their service.

With this, you can rest assured that if your expectations are not met within the 30 days you can simply get your refund.

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EcomHunt Features

Hot Trending Products

Finding the hottest trending products is perhaps the hardest aspect of drop-shipping. Rest assured that EcomHunt has an array of the trendiest products in the market.

As earlier stated, this list is updated daily which means you will never miss out on a new “hot” product.

In addition to the list, EcomHunt provides Product Analytics. These include the source of the product, the number of orders placed, votes, reviews, and ratings of the product.

You will also be able to calculate your Gross Profit Margin as well as the CPA and Net Profit Margin.

Target marketing and Facebooh Ads

It does not come as a surprise that the product list you get from eComHunt does not contain any products that are not currently available in the market. EComHunt lets you use this to your advantage. With this tool, you can spy on the Facebook Ads that are already running a campaign for a product you are choosing to sell through your business.

Spying on these ad campaigns can significantly help you with your own ad camping. You can design effective ad campaigns through this feature. You can take inspiration from ads that are assisting the competitors in attracting the target audience and generating increased revenue. You can create effective and better ads on social media, which will help you attract your target audience.

Another amazing feature that is for the new digital nomads is the free campaign video. The free product video will help you create a market for your business while you learn the basics of marketing and business expansion. These free videos prove very beneficial for driving traffic and attracting the target audience.

Links to Competitor Stores and Suppliers

We may have mentioned that EcomHunt gives you links to your competition as well as the sources of the products.

Do we even need to say more about how helpful this tool is?

All you have to do is click on the links to see what your competitors are doing. Afterwards, click on the Supplier’s link to get the rest of the drop-shipping information.

An important point to note is EcomHunt products are mainly sourced from AliExpress. Once you find a product you like, simply import it to your store by using Oberlo for Shopify or the Alidropship Plugin for WooCommerce or WordPress.

Tutorials and Webinars for Greenhorns

EcomHunt is the perfect tool for newbies. In addition to doing virtually everything for you, it also offers tutorials and webinars for beginners.

So, instead of wasting time and resources shooting in the dark, you get step by step guides on how to start and prosper in your drop-shipping venture.

These webinars mainly concentrate on how to Master Facebook Ads and how to Drive Traffic to your store.

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Ecomhunt Pros Review

  • Easy to find and research trending products
  • Reduces the risk of committing to new products
  • Helps you populate your dropshipping store quickly with products that will sell
  • Helps you research the competition thoroughly and quickly
  • Helps you emulate advertising and targeted marketing strategies that work on social media (Facebook)
  • Reasonably priced Pro version unlocks all features
  • The money-back guarantee means very little risk

Ecomhunt Cons Review

  • The free version has very limited features (by its own admission)
  • If you’re serious about starting a dropshipping store you will need the pro version

ecomhunt reviews

Ecomhunt Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Ecomhunt comes with the free version but here with that, you will get access to limited products that may not help you in bringing more sales and conversion as the products will be accessed by many people. You will be getting only two products a day that i think very limited data.

The downside of the free version is that here you will not be getting the detailed insights and like the Facebook Ads, Video, Links and many more other things.

We would like to highly recommend that you should go for the pro version in order to get the access to the full range of the data along with the tutorials and also webinars. And the additional benefit of having the pro version is that you will get the Ad Hunter extension as it will help you get all your competitors Facebook Ads Campaigns.

For accessing all of the features you need to pay $29. But wait we are providing Exclusive Discount offers for our visitors, you will get the pro version for $20.

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If you are looking for a profitable and promising product which can help you bring excellent revenue streams and increased sales conversion, you should consider Ecomhunt. The features with this program are excellent and rare to find. The best part about Ecomhunt is that it provides the users with additional benefits such as webinars and extensive training material which can be quite useful for beginners and also for the experienced users. Moreover, the price range is also quite reasonable and is easily affordable. With the product hunt tools, you also have access to links, Facebook ad insights, video, and user engagement along with customer reviews and more. As such, we would highly recommend Ecomhunt, especially their Pro Plan membership through which you will be able to unlock many other promising products and details.

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