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What is AMZ Tracker?

AMZ Tracker is an established software in the Amazon space. The product has been around for years and has been affected by Amazon’s changes to their incentivized review policy. Product is not designed to help customers with product research, but primarily for existing Amazon sellers that want to track how their listings are performing.

It has various different features; however, the primary reason to use the product is for a tracking listing performance and getting promotional sales for your product. Previously, the product was known for helping customers get reviews for their products on Amazon by exchanging a free unit for a review by a customer.

We’re going to take a look at some of the features of AMZ tracker, the issues with the product and its current state, what the customers say about the product, and finally, our recommendation of the product.

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AMZ Tracker Main Features Review

AMZ Tracker has 11 main features targeted at existing Amazon sellers that already have a product. We’ll cover the features below and their usefulness:

AMZ Tracker Product Promotion

The product promotion section allows you to offer discounts for your Amazon product on their deals website, the successor to the previously mentioned “Review Club”. This feature is effective at increasing Amazon sales in the European marketplaces such as Germany. However, for the U.S.A and U.K marketplaces it doesn’t work as well as Jump Send.

AMZ Tracker Rank Tracking

AMZ Tracker was the first software in the Amazon seller space that allowed you to track your Best Seller Ranking along with your rankings on Amazon for various keywords. AMZ Tracker allows you to track changes to BSR, along with keywords you are targeting for your product.

Being able to track how your product ranking changes after you make changes to your product or try different strategies is invaluable to an Amazon seller.

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AMZ Tracker Email Reports

The email reports feature allows you to receive a daily or weekly email update of product rankings for selected keywords. There is also a CSV file included in the email that allows you to import the data into a spreadsheet or other software.

AMZ Tracker Competitor Sales Tracking

The competitor sales tracking feature provides a very accurate estimate of daily and monthly sales figures for any given product. It works by checking the inventory levels for a product each day and from that, determining the number sold and the remaining inventory for that product.

This feature is definitely useful for getting an idea of how many units a competitor is actually selling instead of relying on broad estimates.

AMZ Tracker Find New Keywords

The “Find New Keywords” tool in AMZ Tracker provides you a list of the words and phrases from this auto-suggestion list on Amazon.

AMZ Tracker Deepwords (Keyword Tool)

Deepwords is another keyword suggestion tool that basically works the same as the above tool, except it provides estimated search volume and the related category.

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AMZ Tracker Negative Review Alerts

This is another useful feature. Maintaining a 4 star or above rating on Amazon is important in order to maintain a successful product. This feature will alert you anytime you receive a rating that is less than 5 stars. This allows you to respond to the review quickly and if you can determine who the buyer is that left the review, you can contact them to resolve any issues with the product or order.

AMZ Tracker Reviewer Hunter

The idea is that it searches through your Amazon order history to find email addresses from customers.

AMZ Tracker Listing Hijack Alerts

A hijacked Amazon listing is when another seller takes over the Buy Box and starts selling on your product listing. The product listing page is for all sellers on that product listing, so if another seller hijacks your listing and sends their products to customers, those customers might leave negative reviews on your product listing. The quicker you can respond to a hijacked listing and get back the Buy Box, the less sales you will lose.

AMZ Tracker Optimize Your Listings

It checks whether the keyword is in the title, description and bullet points, and also provides an evaluation on a range of other criteria that contributes to a successful product listing. The criteria and an example of results for a product are below.

AMZ Tracker Super URLs

When a customer purchases an item on Amazon, the algorithm will connect the search term to the item purchased and increase the product ranking for that specific keyword. AMZ Tracker Super URLs allow you to manipulate this part of Amazon’s algorithm by making it appear as though the customer searched for a keyword before purchasing your item.

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Pros of AMZ Tracker

  • You can track product data in real time - Both yours and competitors
  • Up to date information with regards to pricing, products, estimation of sales and product reviews
  • Its a Service on Demand System and works with all Amazon sites - So if you break into other markets you can start to look up other competitors!
  • The listing improvement tips can help you increase your ranking by simply improving your images, or finding more reviews.
  • You can instantly set up coupons and push them to another marketplace too potentially improve your rankings and social proof. 

Cons of AMZ Tracker

  • The marketplace is becoming competitive, with products like AMZ Scout and AMZ Shark (Though AMZ Shark are currently looking a bit lacklustre). 
  • A lot of users have complained about the high pricing (see more on that below) but after looking at other services, their pricing is around on par. 

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AMZ Tracker Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

AMZ Tracker gives a 7-day free trial for all the users. It starts with a $50 plan with limited features. It offers a large discount if subscribed yearly.

AMZ Tracker Basic Plan

  • $50 per month
  • of Keywords- 110
  • 50 Products
  • Unlimited Email Reports
  • 50 Sales Tracking
  • 1 Concurrent user
  • 50 Negative Review products

AMZ Tracker Professional Plan

  • $100 per month
  • of Keywords- 500
  • 100 Products
  • Unlimited Email Reports
  • 100 Sales Tracking
  • 1 Concurrent user
  • 100 Negative Review products
  • 3 Product Promotions per marketplace
  • Unlimited Promo Voucher

AMZ Tracker God Mode

  • $100 per month
  • of Keywords- 1500
  • 200 Products
  • Unlimited Email Reports
  • 200 Sales Tracking
  • 2 Concurrent user
  • 200 Negative Review products
  • 12 Product Promotions per marketplace
  • Unlimited Promo Voucher

AMZ Tracker Legend Plan

  • $400 per month
  • of Keywords- 3000
  • 400 Products
  • Unlimited Email Reports
  • 400 Sales Tracking
  • 3 Concurrent user
  • 400 Negative Review products
  • 50 Product Promotions per marketplace
  • Unlimited Promo Voucher

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AMZ Tracker appears to be a tool which can help a lot of businesses boost their earnings on Amazon, but they need to be willing to pay the price while they have a chance to have a 7-day free trial on the product and examine if they want to continue or not.

An independent poll of the testimonials of the product online in addition to comparisons made to similar programs shows that neither of these products has a clean or pristine record.

Additionally, there are some other features of AMZ Tracker that are no doubt helpful. However, there is now a lot of alternatives to Amazon software available that offers all of the same features, sometimes better and more economical.

AMZ Tracker might be cheap once you add up all the features you get in comparison to alternatives, AMZ Tracker is a useful guide on the best way best to sell products on Amazon; however, it may not help you skyrocket to the peak of the category listings because it purports to do, yet it does it job as a quality Amazon sellers software tool.

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