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What is AdPatrol?

AdPatrol is one of the tools that have revolutionised the way of doing online marketing. It is an amazing platform, simple and friendly with the online marketer.

Also, AdPatrol has a differential factor in the reduction of research time.  Saving time on these tasks allows the online marketer to focus on the analysis, optimization, and execution of their campaigns.

In this article I’m going to show you the full futures and step by step tutorial of AdPatrol.


AdPatrol Main Feature Reviews

  • Uncover 15 MILLION+ PROVEN FACEBOOK ADS from over 100 countries
  • Get access to 50,000+ NEW ads EVERY SINGLE DAY!
  • Search campaigns by keyword, advertiser, and publisher
  • Use filters by countries, ad types or ad positions

Sort results by newest, longest running and user engagement

  • Narrow down your search by affiliate network, tracking system, eCommerce and funnel platforms
  • Take your pick of the most important ad copy details, including landing pages, redirects, and outgoing URLs, days running, engagement, reach & week trends, and more.

adpatrol reviews

Benefit of AdPatrol Pro

Affiliate marketing and ecommerce are competitive fields. If you want to succeed, you need to know what's working for your competitors. If you're not on trend, you can't make a profit. You can try manual research when putting together your campaigns, but anyone with experience of the industry knows how time-consuming and unreliable this is. Rather than working out angles and creating landers from scratch, you can use AdPatrol to get crucial insights on what is succeeding right now. From there, you can learn from the competition, and create ad campaigns based on concrete results.

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AdPatrol Pricing and Discount with Promo, Coupon code

Acquire this powerful tool for $ 299 / month

adpatrol discount

All the futures for one simple price:

  • Unlimited access to 15 MB of Facebook ads campaigns
  • Discover the trends of eCommerce products
  • Have detailed access to the best past and current affiliate market campaigns
  • Save money by testing campaigns, get the formula of the success for your market vertical
  • Know new market niches and new business opportunities
  • Stimulate your creativity to improve your business
  • Download landing pages
  • Use advanced research software & take advantage of multiple filtering options
  • Save the ads you like best and have them as an important reference for your projects

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