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What is Chinabrands?

Chinabrands is an advanced dropshipping platform, one of the best wholesale sellers and now also an integrated drop shipping friendly supplier in the DSM Tool platform. Want to know how to dropship from Chinabrands? Keep reading!

To start with Chinabrands is based in China, under the Chinese top Cross-border Commerce Group Company, Globalegrow. Gearbest and Zaful are also under this group, which makes it interesting to learn more about this dropshipping oriented company inside the group.


How it works

To begin a prosperous dropshipping business with Chinabrands sign up with the platform. Once you have acquired the access to your account look through the initial steps to grasp the idea of becoming a dropshipping partner of Chinabrands here. As the import connection is established by means of API you need to retrieve a key and a URL from the supplier side. With all the info you are ready to configure the Chinabrands & Magento 2 Connector.

1.    Create an import job, specify the entity and execution schedule.

2.    Enable API as the connection type and specify the API credentials you get from the Chinabrands side.

3.    Map product attributes for correct product and category info display, decide by how much you want to increase the product prices - flat or percent value.

4.    Run the job.

The Chinabrands Dropshipping add-on for Magento 2 is developed to help merchants reach out to the widest audience and manage the merchant-supplier relations with ease. Try out the add-on to experience successful selling with bare minimum efforts involved.

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Chinabrands Features: Main Page and Features

Top bar

The top bar of Chinabrands website is aimed to introduce you some of the most important features of our company. For example, in case you are a supplier, you can log in by clicking Supplier on the top part of the screen. Also, once you start adding items to cart, you can proceed to checkout by clicking on Cart on the top right part of the screen. Finally, you can change the currency displayed and contact our customer service, online or offline, to solve your questions.

By clicking on the search bar of our website, you will be able to see what are our latest searches and the most popular searches in Chinabrands. You can use this feature to discover the latest trends or maybe to discover new product by searching for a certain keyword or attribute.

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Log in

By clickin on Login you will be able to access to your User Center, in case you are a registered user. If you are not a member of Chinabrands yet, you will be sent to a registration screen for you to sign up. If you want to know more about User center information, please, refer to Your Account Guide.

Product categories top

On the top red bar of Chinabrands website you will find all the categories of products you can find in our website: from detailed traditional product categories such as Women's Clothing, Bags, Lights, Home & Garden to unique discounts and promotions in New Arrivals, Hot Sales, Clearance, Promotions and Third Party Owned products. Chinabrands has more than 300.000 products to sale, start shopping!


On the middle of the screen, you will find promotional banners for our events or promotions. These banners shall be uploaded every time we run a new promotion, discounts, or we release new products we believe will e easy to sell in your stores.

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High profit potential

This is a short selection of the products that have the lowest prices in our website. We have selected this items because we believe you can make hugh profit out of their sales. Check your competitors prices and see what your acquisition price would be to know the potential profit you can make from these items. 

Categories display

By scrolling down in Chinabrands website you will see the most popular categories from our website, displayed in small squares with different sub-sections. Check the latest products and prices per category with just one glimpse and enjoy your drop shipping experience.

The foother is the navigation bar located at the end of the website, where you can find more information about our company, Chinabrands, and our group, Globalegrow Ecommerce. Also, in here you can find the company policies, warranty and return terms, payment methods and further information.

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Payment Methods “Details”


•    It can be used to add balance to sellers CB Wallet and regular check out.

•    Each prepaid balance cannot exceed $1,000 USD

•    Instant payment, instant arrival, safe and convenient


•    Only accepted to prepay CB Wallet

•    No limitation for each prepaid balance

•    Instant payment, instant arrival, safe and convenient

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Wire transfer

•    Only accepted to prepay CB Wallet

•    Transaction fees will be deducted from prepaid balance and are determined by the policies of the bank used.

•    2% CB points can be given for prepaid

•    Example: prepaying $100 USD will give you 200 CB points

•    It’s an offline transaction. You need to contact a customer service representative after prepaying. Usually takes 1 to 2 business days

CB Wallet

•    Prepaid by Paypal, Payoneer, or Wire transfer

•    CB points can only be used for a transaction on Chinabrands and cannot be used on other channels

•    Withdrawals are only returned to the original account

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Finally, Chinabrands is a wholesale seller that offers a wider range of possibilities for dropshippers all over the globe. By allowing buyers to brand their products they are making it easy for anyone to start his or her own online business. Again, by leaving no invoice or quoted receipts, dropshippers can enjoy the privilege of fixing the prices they want by themselves, and make the maximum profit from their deals on Chinabrands.




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