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What Is AdPlexity Mobile?

If you want an efficient tool to track profitable ad campaigns worldwide, then nothing can beat AdPlexity Mobile. It comes loaded with superb features that let you monitor mobile traffic sources and profitable Ad campaigns of your competitors.

Additionally, you can download promo material like banners and landing pages from the popular ad networks from over 75 countries. Consider it the most advanced platform in the market today.

Use AdPlexity Mobile to make informed decisions and improve your ROI (Return on Investment. Now, you can accurately search for successful campaigns quickly based on publisher, advertiser, keywords, or affiliate network. Check out our other adplexity coupon codes.


AdPlexity Mobile Feature

•    Running mobile ads also plays a key role to generate traffic….

•    With Adplexity Mobile, find out the invisible mobile ad campaigns, ads that are targeting specific mobile devices by your competitors. 

•    Download the data of Pop-Up Ads, In-App Ads and Carrier Specific Ads with a single tap. 

•    Also, unlock the Mobile Ad Campaigns that are bringing more sales to your competitors. 

•    Get information on the ad campaigns running in more than 75 Countries. The users can identify the ads by using keywords, affiliate network or with publisher name.

mobile ad campaigns

Benefits Of AdPlexity Mobile

•    See All Tracking And Affiliate Networks: With this amazing ads spy tool, you can easily see all the affiliate network & tracking tools.

•    Outgoing URL:   You can find the Outgoing URLs and simply see which offer is being promoted on which landing page.

•    Find All Campaigns: Now you can find all campaigns that are basically run by the affiliates and also the Advertisers.

•    Download All Landing Pages: Here the best feature is that now you can download all the landing pages in images, CSS, JavaScript and also in the zip formats and here no more ripping will be needed.

•    Uncover Hidden Campaigns: Uncover all of the hidden campaigns that are basically running exclusively in the mobile traffic as 120+ carriers are supported.

•    Mobile PopUp: Now you can easily uncover campaigns that are profitable and are running on mobile popup traffic.

Mobile PopUp

AdPlexity Mobile Pros 

•    Collects the largest amount of information

•    You can download every landing page with page dependencies

•    Product campaigns run in over 75 major countries.

•    Easy to use the interface which helps finds successful campaigns on mobile traffic sources.

•    Gives a full insight on what is working for your competitors.

AdPlexity Mobile Cons

•    Limited features compared to most similar competitive products.

•    Much more costly compared to most similar competitive products.

adplexity mobile pricing

Pricing and Coupon Code Of AdPlexity Mobile

AdPlexity Mobile comes at a monthly price of $199/month/user and covers the following features:

•    Popup ads data (5 networks)

•    Android In-App ads data (5 network)

•    Mobile display web ads data (15 exchanges)

•    Powerful but easy to use interface

•    Download all landing pages with 1 click

•    Chat and email support


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